Smiling Moose Deli to Hit Dallas Like a Pack of Mules

I’ve seen a lot of moose and, guess what, they don’t smile. They’re ornery, awkward and introverted. Like most animals, the male gets the better outfit: bulls are adorned with spectacular racks (antlers) while the cows (females) look like ugly donkeys. But I’m off target.

A Smiling Moose has been spotted in Carrollton. It is a deli and the first location of the Colorado-based sandwich shop in the DFW area. If Dallas-based real estate broker and managing partner of Racalico, llc, Jennifer Frank has her way, there will be 12 Smiling Moose in Dallas and 50 in Texas. Here’s the menu.

UPPITY DATE: Fun procrastination! Find out if you are a moose! I took the test and I am a crocodile. You?


  • rich

    ” … there will be 12 Smiling Moose … ”

    Strange. I thought plural for moose was meese.

  • irodguy

    Lion here.

  • irodguy

    Lion here. By the way the Moose is more of a pig. Might try it again when they have some time …

  • TLS

    I am an otter. According to Wikipedia, I am an expert at opening shellfish. True.

  • allison

    Whuut? I’m a penguin.

  • Darren

    I’m a bat.

  • Bats are cool.

  • I am a wild dog, Nancy. That site informs me that your friend Martina Navratilova is also a wild dog. Take from that what you will.

  • bc

    I am also a wild dog. I’d rather be lumped in with Martina than Tim. Take from that what you will.

  • Tim, you are a lesbian tennis player?