Rohst Korean Marinade Grill on Greenville Ave. in Dallas Unveils New Menu

Wednesday night, the creators of Rohst on Greenville invited the media to sample some of the items on their new menu. D Magazine intern Jessica Melton took one for the team.

I attended a media preview to witness the unveiling of the new menu at Rohst Korean Marinade Grill. Currently the Rohst on Greenville Ave, between Terilli’s and Dodie’s, is the only location but that may not be the case for long. One of the reasons the owners updated the menu is to prepare to open more locations as soon as they can. But the main reason is to reinforce their brand and their emphasis on Korean food. Now you can find a teriyaki chicken sandwich and a tuna steak burger next to their signature Korean dishes including Hot Stone Bowls (Bibimbap), Cross-Cut Short Ribs (Galbi), and Rib-Eye Slices (Bulgogi).

I’ve never eaten Korean food before and was a little surprised to find meatballs on our table. It turns out, the meatballs aren’t traditional Korean fare, they were American-palate friendly meatballs marinated in a Korean barbecue sauce. The result is a tangy, sweet meatball that instantly falls apart in your mouth.

The view from the second floor.

The Hot Stone Bowl was a new delight for me. It’s a lot like other rice and meat dishes I’ve tried, the slices of rib-eye are layered over jasmine rice mixed with mushroom, peppers, and onions and covered with a house soy sauce. The bowl is hot and the dish continues to cook as you eat. By the time you get to the bottom of the bowl, the rice is crispy.

Rohst’s interior has a modern, cozy look to it. The space was once home to the Greenville Avenue Bar and Grill which burned down last year. The renovated space includes a huge bar downstairs overlooking a patio, a nice second floor seating area and a rooftop seating area with great 360 degree views.

Hot Stone Bowl.
Shrimp spinach rolls are like a southwestern take on an eggroll, complete with corn.
Sweet and Spicy Shrimp.


  • Lakewoody

    This place is going nowhere fast….Dodies and Terillis are always packed and this is just sitting there empty – only good for drinks/apps while you wait for your table at the other surrounding restaurants….service is fine, but come on – Korean BBQ…..just make it a bad ass grill, have something unique, have a great happy hour, anything but this….

  • Twinwillow

    I tried it a few weeks ago. Totally underwhelmed.

  • Zach

    See, i don’t get it. I have been here several times and, although the service is a little lacking, I really like the food. Been for lunch a few times and everything has come out well prepared with good flavors. Only real complaint is that there usually isn’t anyone in there! I had the opinion that they just lacked the marketing effort, but based off some other reviews *cough* Leslie Brenner *cough* (who i don’t really listen to because she has the palette of a grade schooler) I feel that maybe people just don’t like the concept. If you haven’t given this place a try check it out and let me know what you think.

  • Bethany

    We’ve been a few times and have always enjoyed the food. I think it’s great to have a good restaurant on Greenville and not just another bar and happy hour. I especially enjoy that you can talk with the rest of your party without being overwhelmed by loud music. The tuna steak burger is an absolute must.

  • Darren

    This is what I love about reviews. The first two comments did not like it, and the second two comments did like it. So 50/50. Who am I supposed to listen to?

    Then you add in the paid critic reviews. DMN and Observer have both reviewed it, and did not give it high marks. But I’m not supposed to trust Leslie, right?

    Is there a need to read reviews anymore?

  • Lakewoody

    Food is fine – so let me clarify that, it’s fine – nothing amazing, but its good – but who wants to go sit in an empty restaurant…. So if Korean BBQ is too niche or unknown or whatever, people obviously wont go – then you are left with an empty restaurant that isnt fun to go….no ambiance – – need something to butts in the seats….

  • michael

    I thought the food was fantastic. I am looking forward to coming back and trying the changes. I really hope they changed there winelist along with the food menu. There selection is about as good as 7 eleven.

  • Disappointed

    I was pretty excited to try this new restaurant with it’s Korean fair. However, after hearing different reports on how un-friendly the management and staff are towards gay people, i will not go and spend my money at a place like that.

  • Brandi

    @Lakewoody-you want unique but you bash the fact that it’s Korean BBQ? Isn’t that pretty unique…not to mention half price wine wednesdays and half price happy hour, you say you like the drinks and appetizers while you wait for another restaurant…why not try something from the full menu Greenville already has plenty of “bars” and “grills” they’re trying to bring something new to the neighborhood and they’ve been welcomed with a cold shoulder because people are afraid of something different
    -just read your clarification, I understand not wanting to sit in an empty restaurant…any productive suggestions as to what coudl fill the seats, management is eager to hear community input (have I mentioned they’re under new management)

    @Tinwillow and Zach-the management is eager to fix mistakes and give the restaurant a good reputation take anything up with them even if its a critique on the food or service…they really do want this restaurant to succeed

    @Darren-try it and decide for yourself, don’t be scared it has four stars on both yelp and urban spoon its just one meal and if you don’t like it after the first bite no one will force you to eat it

    @Micheal-with drinks ranging from typical texas beer to Kirin (japanese beer) to Saki (coming soon) to some of the best wines around how can you compare the selection to 7 eleven…and if you want to try some of the wines to decide for yourself try half price wine wednesdays

    @Disappointed-I am sorry to hear that the restaurant has recieved negative from the gay community, I have friends in the community they have tried and loved the restaurant, if there is ever an issue due to someone’s sexual orientation please approach management, the restaurant is under new management and they are striving to appeal to all members of the community

    I DO NOT WORK FOR ROHST, I am a former employee, a hostess, and I only quit because my schedule changed, I still love the restaurant and am close to many people who work there. I know the NEW MANAGEMENT is honestly trying to make the place successful. Thank you all for your input and I assure you it has not fallen on deaf ears I have forwarded this to management

  • Larry

    Hello to all, I am Larry one of the new managers of Rohst. I appreciate all your input. We as a group are looking to make Rohst one of the finest restaurants in Dallas, then Texas. We have a way to go and need input like all of your reviews. I am sorry if we have disappointed some of you, but its a new day and we would love to have you back to change your minds, there are going to be some menu changes as well as specials, beer menu, and I feel that the wine list is excellent but am always open to suggestion.

    To Disappointed- I find it hard to believe that someone that works under me would have anything to say negative about the gay community.
    But, if it is true, please contact me with any proof you have and I will gladly rectify the situation immediately.
    Thank you, I hope we see you all soon!

  • marykate

    Thank you, Larry (& Brandi), for your input about Rohst…we haven’t YET come to dine at Rohst, but even after the negative comments I’ve read just now, we will certainly give you a try…we happen to love eating Korean food! We first were introduced to Korean food in Seoul, Daegu, & Gumi City-S Korea in March of 2008, while visiting our oldest son & his wife. We’ve kept our interest in Korean food and hope to keep trying things we haven’t had before…And we hope to come visit your place soon! It seems that some people are way too spoiled to have every single aspect of “dining out” to be an absolute perfect experience for them…what a shame to not be more open and friendly when dining in a new place…the efforts cannot only be placed on the part of the restaurant & its staff! Just sayin’…