Nantucket Bay Scallops Hit the Dallas Market

(Photo courtesy of Willy Warner, Connolly Seafood.)

These sweet little babies above were pulled out of the cold waters off Nantucket yesterday and are headed to Dallas as I type. Some restaurants serving them include Fearing’s, Abacus, Stephan Pyles, Nosh, Lucia, T.J’s Seafood Market, and Eddie V’s. Restaurants, list your names below if I missed you.


  • Colin Z

    Are these available in any local markets?

  • Rob

    I would think that Rex’s on Lovers Lane would have them – worth a call to find out

  • I’ll give Rex’s a call. They are available at TJ.s market. Take your credit card. These puppies are expensive.

  • BigTex

    Ummm Colin……….. TJ’s Seafood Market is a market!!!!!!

  • Colin Z

    Thanks Big Tex. I read “Some restaurants serving them…”’ and probably didn’t look closely enough at the actual list 🙂

  • Oceanaire will have them Saturday!

  • Mark L

    TJs is the best. Ask for Jon Alexis. He will not lead you astray.

  • S. Farr

    Finding true Nantucket Bays is the key. Frozen bays from China are being passed off as Nantucket Bays. For taste, it’s critical that the scallops are never frozen and are kept chilled in their own brine. Then you barely blot them before cooking: no drying! To ensure you’re getting the real thing, to save money, and to support the local industry, try ordering direct from the fishermen. I use because the fishermen themselves run that one, no middle man at all. But there are others if you Google. Thanksgiving tradition in my family.