Kid Kritics: Review of Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe

Back in 2009, we received a warm welcome when we introduced Kid Kritics.” It lasted all of two posts.  Our new KK is Elizabeth Chandler, a precocious 10-year-old who loves to eat and  loves to write.  She’s committed to one post per month.  Kids are brutally honest about their reviews and tend to swing either totally positive or totally negative.  Disclosure: No meals were comp’ed and our kid dines anonymously.

Ruthie's Rolling Cafe (photo by Elizabeth Chandler)

One, completely boring,time-wasting, no fun day….. My Dad says,”I have a supriii-se!!!” This is never a good thing.”We’re going to another food truck!” Ugh. Don’t get me wrong.  I love food trucks, but when your Dad is nagging on you to take pictures, your brother takes forever to order,your sister is whining about the heat, your mom is trying to make everyone happy, well, it gets a little annoying.  So I try every sickness and hurtness known to child.  Broken leg, headache, sprained wrist, stomach ache, scratchy throat, you know the usuals.  My Dad gave me the I-don’t-care-how-sick-or-hurt-you-are-you-are-going-to-stop-pity-partying-and-go.  Eventually I had to go.  It’s amazing how many threats my parents can make up.  So getting there I saw it first thing.  I mean who can’t miss a pink pig with a chef’s hat on the front of a ginormous truck? There were a LOT of people.  As usual my brother took forever to order.  They had the cutest little menus!  The first thing I noticed was they were all grilled cheeses.  I absolutely love grilled cheeses!  I first checked the four choices you had on the checksheet-menu.  First the bread,  then the cheese, next the meat, and then fifth, if you wanted, sauces, spread, or toppings you could have that too.  Everyone loved their sandwiches including my brother who is very picky about what he eats.  It’s a great place to go if you don’t want to cook or go to a restaurant and wait so long if you have kids who are constantly whining about the wait then when you plate the food they won’t eat a bite.  Sounds like someone I know (My sister and brother,and me).  You’re probably like zzzzzz by now so to sum it all up I love Ruthie’s!!!  It’s one of my favorite food trucks!!!