• yeah, but didn’t the peaches, tomatoes and green beans you get at White Rock Market taste much better than any produce from a grocery store. Mine did.

  • Having listed to “Freakonomics” for years on KERA on Market Place, they almost always are shills for pro-corporate Right Wing economics.

    No surprise they don’t like something that isn’t agri-business corporate friendly.

    To paraphrase Dickens:

    “Freakanomics knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”.

  • Amy S

    Yes, Bill, they do. And the produce that is shipped cross-continent allows for a huge amount of wasted food which is lower with a local producer. I didn’t notice that figured into the economic model. Eliminating waste increases productivity.

    Dallas County used to be covered with truck farms, at some time (and I think it’s related to property taxes and land speculation for either development or oil/gas exploration) it no longer became profitable. Even as suburban sprawl shoved these small farmers out, it would seem that the “farmland ring” around the city would have expanded with the city. But it didn’t.

  • Poundofbacon

    Interesting lecture over his topic..25 minutes in gets more to the point

  • Gotta love your filter block the name of the famous Author Charles Dickens. I wonder how it treats other people?

    Bush Vice President: Dick Cheney
    Lobbyist and Koch Brothers employee: Dick Armey
    Comic and TV personality: Dick Van Dyke

    Local BBQ chain: Dickeys


  • Kim

    Does anyone really think local food is about growing corn & soy locally? Here’s a good rebuttal article.