Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream in Plano Wins Awards

Henry Gentry of Henry's Homemade Ice Cream.

Henry Gentry of Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream insists ice cream will “make you pretty.” After 26 years of making ice cream at the “micro-creamery” in Plano, Henry’s business is looking pretty good. I’ve noticed his name on some fancy menus alongside the likes of Paula, Tom, and Jimmy’s.

Henry “speaks in ALL CAPS.” He sends word: “HENRY’S placed in every category this year at the NATIONAL ICE CREAM Awards in Jacksonville, FL. A total of 30 entries were submitted by Ice Cream companies from all over the nation. The competition was tough, but HENRY’S licked them!!!”

1st Place in BEST NEW FLAVOR for Butterscotch Blast

2nd Place in Homemade Vanilla

2nd Place in Strawberry

5th Place for Best Southern Flavor for M. L. Dubay Toffee

In the press release, Henry thanked his employees (a nice touch) and Mrs. M.L. Dubay for surviving cancer and opening her Toffee Treats business. Ice cream must make you nice too.