Four Sisters Café In Richardson Undergoes Name Change: Texas

An eagle-eyed Disher sends word: the signage at Four Sister’s Café in Richardson has been changed to read “Texas.” The restaurant, owned by Del Frisco’s founder Dale Wamstad, opened last June. I called the restaurant to get details. A nice lady answered the phone and I asked her about the change. However, as soon as I identified myself, she hung up on me. Mr. Wamstad does not like food critics. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t like what Sarah Reiss wrote about Four Sisters. Maybe Texas will be different. The name has a certain ring to it. Texas.


  • Charles

    Just noticed this the other day as well.

    We went to the Four Sister’s about a week after it opened and I completely agree with Sarah’s review.

    The menu was all over the place, the decor was a bit odd, and while the food was tasty I am not sure it commanded the price we paid. So I am not surprised at the move.

    I would like to see it succeed as “Texas” as we need more good restaurants east of 75, but at the same time with Dale’s reputation, not to mention I have some friends who have had an experience with him that was a bit unsavory, I am kind of wary of putting my money in his pocket.

  • brandon

    Wow. That comment wAS so clever of you…

  • CollinBabs

    I’m sure the name change might have had something to do with the bad start and reviews so they are trying to give the impression that it’s an entirely new enterprise. I’m still skeptical and feel that the place will close permanently within one year. Changing a name without any other improvement is just smoke and mirrors. A name change doesn’t make me want to return to the place.

  • Z

    I was shocked on my third visit to see an insert with a steak menu and specials inserted into the regular menu. The ribeye delmonico and filet au poivre were reasonable priced, similal to silver fox, however I would say far superior. The patio was great will relaxing chairs picturesque with a large fire place.

    Best of all, it is located in Richardson and provides a fine dining experience previous in an area without…. Fresh open feel, great Bar and happy hour hour specials, and enough variety so that it doesn’t have to be just a steakhouse.

    There were definitely some growing pains, but the greatest challenge is the location and differentiating itself from the shire tavern, silver fox, and finer steakhouses like del friscos around town. They have a lot of square footage to fill, maybe a little too optimistic, but I am going back tonight and hope they don’t change much from my last visit.

    Thanks for the investment and hang in there.

  • Michelle

    I agree with the comment above by Z. My husband & I went there last month and had the same steak Z describes & it was honestly the best steak I have ever had! We’ve been to the majority of the nice steak houses and this was the best. We are curious about the name change & have a night out without the kids so plan to go investigate tonight. We want to see it succeed, we live in Richardson & need something like this here. We went when it 1st opened & I wasn’t too impressed with that menu but loved it this last time with the insert additions.

  • D

    We ate there when it was Four Sisters and vowed to never give Dale any of our money again. The service was the worst ever and the managing partner did not apologize about the cold food nor offer to replace it. When we left my husband went over to talk to Dale who really did not want to hear any complaints. The managing partner followed my husband out of the restaurant and chased him half way to our car yelling at him. By the way, this was in front of our 4 year old daughter this man decided to behave like this. Truly low class! You can change the name all you want but the reputation of Mr. Wamstead is known by many now who will never visit any restaurant he owns again!

  • I will be going to the restaurant for my anniversary. Hopefully, the food and atmosphere will be closer to the good reviews here. As Coach Wooden would say, “Reputation is what others think about you, and it is important. Your character is what you know about yourself, and that is what matters most.”

  • D

    I would pick another restaurant! Waste of time!

  • Jake

    The owner sounds like an ass. No thanks.

  • Glen

    The food’s really pretty good (although half the menu names require long explanations and the sides can arrive cold if you come near closing time) but the over-the-top management style is annoying. Three exuberant people greet you at the door like you are entering Nirvana and then they all come to your table multiple times to make sure you are thrilled. Ugh. Our waitress remembered us from our first visit a few weeks before, reciting every single thing we ate and drank and where we sat. It was intrusive and creepy.

    I agree that east Richardson is in dire need of restaurant help. (City planners, are you listening? Please, please, no more chains. We can and will support sophisticated eateries.) But the name change better result in an attitude change or this place is toast.