Driftwood in Oak Cliff Announces Omar Flores as Executive Chef

Last night Mike Hiller announced: Omar Lopez to Lead Kitchen of Driftwood. Hmm. After my last conversation with owner Jonn Baudoin, I was under the impression the chef was “coming from a big restaurant in Dallas.” Don’t know a Omar Lopez. I typed a note to Mr. B. “No, I’ve hired Omar Flores as Executive Chef,” Mr. Baudoin says. He is leaving Abacus where he has been since 2006.”

Baudoin says Flores took the original menu for Driftwood and turned it into something really special. “He took the concept menu and created a menu beyond my expectation that highlights his style and techniques,” he says. “We communicate and respect each other.” Driftwood is located at 642 W. Davis and will be seafood-centric.


  • tinkerbell

    Love, love, love Omar Flores!!! He is a talented chef. Can’t wait to eat at Driftwood. Congratulations to Omar, a well deserved step. Abacus will miss you, but the OC is very lucky to have you in their midst.

  • Chris Sanchez

    memo to Hiller: The name’s Flores (not Lopez)


  • JuneBug

    Seafood in The OC. Life is perfect.

  • MrsD

    You should have included Mike Hiller on your Doyle post about freebies.

  • Omar led our team at a couple of the abacus cooking classes. He can flat out cook. NN, coulda sworn sarah eveans did a story on him when she hung out in the abacus kitchen 1 night?

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  • Tracy Rathbun

    Omar is incredibly talented! Can’t wait for Driftwood to open and see what he comes up with!