Company Café on the Trail in Dallas Opens December 6th

You can have chicken and waffles and fancy coffee at Company Cafe on the Trail. Photo by Kevin Marple.

Company Café made it to our list of Best New Restaurants in 2011. The locavore philosophy behind the menu is important and so is the wide variety of gluten-free dishes. I like Company Café because the food tastes good.  I will go there as long as they can resource sweet potatoes.

On December 6, the second location on Company Café will open on the Katy Tail. The address is 3136 Routh Street and the parking entrance is on Browning just off Cedar Springs. The menu will include most of the healthy, organic dishes such as the Deep Bowl, gluten-free chicken and waffles, and gluten-free cakes. But their will be more. They are adding a Little Red Smokehouse from J&R Manufacturing in Mesquite and will offer smoked fish and meat.

And a La Marzocco Strada MP coffee maker like the one at Oddfellows. Company Café co-owner, Stephen White, says, “It’s the Maserati of coffee makers.” Several (hundred) web sites refer to this machine as a “barista’s wet dream.” There are fewer than 20 in the U.S. and Dallas has two. Somebody order another so we can make the La Marzocco Strada MP an official trend in Dallas. (It takes three of one thing.)

If you prefer a different buzz, Company Café on the Trail will have a full bar featuring house-infused vodka cocktails and, the waxing trend, a large patio. Remember, all distilled alcohols are gluten-free.

So, there you have it: something for everybody at Company Café on the Trail.


  • chefjordy

    My wife tried the original location today with our daughter. “$36 for a meager bfast for 2. Highly overpriced and overrated,” she said. “Chicken and waffles almost too spicy to taste.” Why the buzz about this place? Does removing gluten add $$? Missing something here?

  • their bison chili = awesome

  • Karen

    I absolutely love this place!! not everything is gluten free, but everything looks amazing!!! the fact that they will have smoked food is already making my mouth water. The visit i had at the greenville location was amazing. worth every dollar! I am super excited about the coffee selection they have chosen. and a total bonus… REAL maple syrup! i love the all natural farm to kitchen concept, i have been waiting years for Dallas to have a restaurant this amazing. PLUS the service was beyond exceptional!! I will return and tell all my friends to try this place!! the location of the new place will be absolutely amazing. i can not wait to make myself a regular at the Katy Trail location. <3

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