Celebrate the Holidays With DFW Food

This holiday season I would like to devote some time and energy to supporting our hard-working small food businesses. We all know you can get great local products packaged together at Whole Foods and Central Market, but I’d like to create a post dedicated to those who need a little free advertising. Do you make a jelly, jam, chocolate, apron, coffee cake, ham, table linen, turkey, casserole, wine opener, olive oil, or brownie? Items you can purchase for gifts or to serve at a gathering.  If so, send me an email with your information and a picture if you have one. If not, drop a sample by the office and we will photograph it. Some examples of businesses I am referring to are Dude, Sweet Chocolate, Crumbzz, Mozzarella Company—products made in the DFW area or close by. Send your sales pitch and contact or ordering information along with address, phone number and website. We’ll do the rest.