Black Friday Sales For Foodies

I don’t usually write about Black Friday—mostly because it usually skips over restaurants—but, this year, a couple gourmet food stores have send me word of their sales. I’ll keep a running list through Friday, starting with this entry:

Baked Spice
Black Friday Sale

First five customers will receive 30%* off of entire purchase!
Save 20%* off entire purchase from 10am – 11am 
Save 10% off entire purchase from 11am-6pm
First 25 customers receive a free gift with purchase!
(*Percentages off can not be combined)


  • TJ’s “Surf & Turk” Post Thanksgiving Lobster Sale. Lobsters STEAMED & CRACKED FOR FREE. Only 15.99 / lb. Ironically more similar to what the Pilgrims ate than the actual thanksgiving dinner.