World Series Dining: Ranger Fan Needs Tips on St. Louis Restaurants

That little boy in the picture is my nephew James. He is almost three. He loves the Texas Rangers and tells anyone who will listen that Michael Young is his best friend. (He kinda is!) James is psyched for tomorrow night’s World Series game in St. Louis between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals (7:05PM).

Another Disher is excited about the game. So pumped that he is flying to St. Louis for the Games 1 and 2 (Thurs.). He wants your help.

I’m headed to St. Louis for the games. Any suggestions on where to eat.

Knock it out.


  • The Good Pie for Neapolitan Pizza!

  • Wade

    The best pizza in the world is at Imo’s. St. Louis style pizza is unlike anything you’ve ever had.

  • MBMiller

    You gotta go eat italian on The Hill. All good choices but I like Cunetto’s best. Do not miss Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Nothing like it anywhere. Lion’s Choice for a fast food lunch.

  • Marcus

    Agree about the Hill, it’s usually my first stop in STL.

    We’re flying in Thursday morning and will be staying at the Renassiance in downtown.

    Mike Shannon’s is usually the place to be before and after the game, but I’m not sure my Texas blue will be welcomed this time around.

  • Amy S

    Get reservations, or get there very early. The downtonw restaurants fill up quickly, and then nobody leaves until it’s game time. They have a beautiful large park, maybe plan on a pizza picnic?

  • DGirl

    Totally the Hill – Cunetto’s – expect a wait, drink cheap wine. Also on the Hill, Amighetti’s sandwiches – the best subs ever. Cardwell’s in Clayton is good too. Ted Drewes is the original frozen custard – the BEST and countless concrete flavors.

  • Airplaneguy

    As a former guy from Dallas now living in St Louis. Do not I repeat DO NOT eat Imos pizza. These wierdos in St louis will tell you its the greatest thing ever but it is just snot on a cracker. Black Thorn pub has great pizza.

  • Jon

    Imo’s; the pizza so thin and crappy it wants to cut itself. Seriously….its an experience I’d rather not repeat. Granted, I’m a Chicago native, so I have a slightly different standard. There is a place called Black Thorn that serves up a good pizza.

    Wherever you go, do try the Toasted Ravioli. It’s a StL thing that’s pretty tasty. Same with Schlafly beer.

  • Joey

    The St. Paul sandwich is something I’ve only seen in St. Louis. Apparently it’s at many of the Chinese takeouts around town.

  • R.S.

    I second the Hill. It is not to be missed! And do try the toasted ravioli!

  • Cat

    Also a former StL person. Plenty of good Italian all over the city, so I would not wait on the Hill. Racannelli’s for real NY pizza. Head over to Souland for some great bars and local flavor too

  • Best Italian in St. Louis is Frank Papas on South Brentwood. Simply the best!!!. Small
    but with excellent service and a wine cellar downstairs for a larger group.

    The best seafood in St. Louis is Bristols at Olive and I 270. Long time, well established eatery with a menu as varied as the fish in the ocean. If it is any more fresh than at Bristols, it still swimming.

  • LF

    Go to the website of St. Louis’ culinary magazine Sauce ( and click on the restaurant guide. Lots of great options near Busch Stadium.

  • DAB

    For more elegant dining try Sidney Street Cafe. In Benton Park near downtown and AB. For a great sandwich at lunch try Blues City Deli in the same neighborhood.


    Great place to eat downtown is Mosaic Modern Fusion… On Washington < 1 mile from Busch Stadium… Try the Soup flight appetizer; you will NOT be disappointed. And have a Blueberry Martini!

    DO NOT go to "the Hill" for Italian food; Unless you're not Italian and don't care about Italian food… Then go and enjoy!

    If you want a decent Italian meal, go to Bar Italia (NOT a bar) on Maryland (near Euclid Ave)

  • DGirl

    @JFMARC – Yes there’s a lot of great Italian food in StL. It’s not just about getting toasted ravioli and veal piccata – The Hill is iconic – a sweet, old-timey ethnic enclave with supermarkets, bakeries, St. Ambrose Catholic Church where they still sing church songs in Italian. There are very few, if any, places like that in Texas. Maybe Fredericksburg and that’s it. it really is a great cultural experience.

    Also, dear travelers, bring home a Gooey Butter Cake from Schnucks. And bring me one while you’re at it.

  • Jean

    Wish I could go! We ate having a watching party. What should I serve to represent St Louis???

  • Ashley K

    LOL @ Airplaneguy. Imo’s sucks, I’ve lived in STL my whole life. Racanelli’s is the best pizza (New York Style), on the planet. If you’re in a pizza mood, there’s a Racanelli’s in the Central West End at 12 S. Euclid – (314)367-7866. It’s right next to Barnes Hospital and across the street from Forest Park/Zoo/Science Center.

    Besides that, my personal favorite is City Diner here:
    3139 South Grand Boulevard
    Saint Louis, MO 63118-1020
    (314) 772-6100

    They’ve got a great menu, big portions, easy on the wallet and the place is usually busy but not packed like the downtown restaurants will be ;D

    Best of luck to ya!

  • G. David

    I had Imo’s pizza once, in 1984 on a high school band trip. My friends an I still reminisce about what a disgusting experience it was. Somebody mentioned snot on a cracker. I remember it being more like mayonnaise. Either way, NO!

  • Jennifer G

    Another great website is for great local suggestions.

  • Andrew Chalk
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  • Oly Schmidt

    The Hill in St. Louis is the best place to get great Italian food. Go to to do your homework first. There are Italian restaurants on every block of this neighborhood; one better than the next.