• Bud

    That’s in front of the old Davis Mansion, if you remember–

    Easily reachable on the new tollway when it’s done.

    ;But I had hoped it would be in walking distance of my house like In-N-Out)

  • Are you saying that Trader Joe’s is going into the Davis mansion? wow, that is an astonishing factoid. Where is Priscilla? Brings a whole new meaning to Two Buck (shot) Chuck.

  • Erik

    Big deal…If its like it is in Minneapolis it will be in a area that has little parking to make it look like its the shiznit

  • Jeanie

    Wasn’t that a restaurant at one point?

  • Critic

    Watch for Trader Joe’s on Cole in the Ed Kellum space

  • EB

    Critic, I heard that too!

  • LilMissFrisco

    Seriously? Glad to hear Fort Worth is getting one, but I REALLY hoped it would hit Frisco!

  • DCnowlivinginFrisco

    Glad Ft.Worth is getting a Trader Joe’s, but not putting one in North Dallas or even Dallas first makes no sense to me at all. When they opened in Northern Virginia and DC they first locations were close to be bulk of the population and where they would get the most buzz. Hopefully they will open a few simultaneously.

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