Stop the Presses: Fuel City Gets a Patio

Fuel City is destined to become the second most famous grassy knoll in Dallas.

And it took them this long because? Fuel City, once the most undiscovered street taco in Dallas, is now the most overrated street taco in Dallas. And they have a patio and a PR agency to prove it.

Did you know the recipes for the tacos originated in Durango, Mexico? Read all about it. (Bonus point: Do we still have presses to stop?)


Dallas, TX — Fuel City aka “The Ranch in downtown Dallas” adds The Patio to the Fuel City ranch made famous by the tasty tacos served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   The Patio offers covered seating for up to 70 taco fanatics who flock to the Ranch for the traditional Mexican fare served up by Fuel City Tacos whose 3rd generation recipes originated in Durango, Mexico.

“We are so excited about The Patio,” says John Benda, proprietor of Fuel City.  “We’ve long watched diners eat standing, curbside, in the car or out by the longhorns and are pleased to now have The Patio for folks to have a seat and enjoy our tacos and a cup of corn at any hour.”

Featuring tacos al pastor, picadillo, barbacoa, chicken/beef fajita as well as a selection of breakfast tacos served between 5-10am, all Fuel City Tacos are $1.40 and are served with diced onions, lime, cilantro, jalapeno and hot sauce.

Located on 8 acres in the heart of downtown Dallas on the banks of the Trinity River at the I-30/I-35 intersection, Fuel City is one of the highest volume gas stations in Texas.  Not just a gas station and convenience store with a state-of-the-art car wash, Fuel City features award-winning tacos, elotes (cup of corn), 5 of Texas’ largest Longhorns, a swimming pool, oil derek, windmill, drive-thru beer barn, karaoke and native Texas trees and cactus.

Fuel City is located at 801 South Riverfront Boulevard.  For more information call 214-426-0011


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  • Thierry Peremarti

    My wife and I hate this place.

  • Jose Ralat Maldonado

    And here I thought I was alone in my opinion of Fuel City.

  • Elaine

    They used a PR agency and STILL came up with “derek” instead of “derrick”? They should get their money back.

  • ibobi

    Brad…love the Howard reference….Bababooey to y’all!!!

  • Bob

    Isn’t oil derek the new dancer at La Bare? Or was it the Tin Room? It’s so confusing.