Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Tex-Mex Caterer in Dallas

Listen up, this one SHOULD be easy.

I am hosting an engagement party for a friend, and we need full-service Tex-Mex catering for 90-100 people. I have estimates from some of the larger restaurants (El Fenix, Uncle Julio’s, Mariano’s), but I would like to find another option that would be more flexible, perhaps family-owned and not a chain. I have tried Manny’s, but their catering person is a disaster – it took me 6 phone calls to get her on the phone and within two minutes she put me on hold and never returned. So far in my experience, it seems like the bigger restaurants are more efficient at this sort of business, but if any SideDish readers have had a great catering experience with a smaller Mexican restaurant, I would love some more options.

Speak now. (I used Herrera’s once for a Christmas party.)


  • aria

    Anamia’s (Coppell, Flower Mound or Southlake)

  • MichelleA

    Esparzas out of Grapevine. Awesome.

  • Lush Catering Company

    feel free to call us we do all styles of food.
    our number is 972-432-5403

  • Tara

    Try Raffa’s on lover’s lane. They catered a party we were at last weekend and it was great!

  • Mary


  • HPmom

    I agree with @ Tara- Rafa’s! I have also used Blue Mesa many many times. Both are great.

  • Randy

    I’ve had luck with Anamia’s and UrbanTaco, although with Urban Taco, I only did a self-serve taco bar for about 20, so I’m not sure about full-service.

  • Gizzard

    Rafa’s is reasonable, and they do a great job.

  • Shannah

    I host large parties often and rely on Los Lupes.

    They are locally owed, have great prices and are super-easy to work with.

  • Marcus

    Although not locally owned, we recently went through the whole list of places in the metroplex and decided to use Abuelo’s. They were on time, did the whole set up and break and were on site the entire time. We will definitely use them again.

  • Linda

    Blue Mesa did a great job with me. The provide everything (cloth napkins, silverware, buffet dishes with warmers) and will set up and clean afterwards. Also very affordable.

  • Sqoolgurl59

    Sol’s Nieto’s Fajitas on Oates Drive in Garland. They cater weddings (bodas) all the time and as a regular I get to sample/purchase any excess them may have from time to time. Excellent. Competitive.
    214-862-4747 Eddie (owner)

  • Karen

    I would go with Matt’s they have a new catering manager who rocks, their food is great and they can come provide everything and set it up and it tastes great! It will be set up wonderfully as well. Here is her info:

    Katy Palermo

    Catering Sales Mngr

    (972) 533-5346

    [email protected]

  • Semi-Loyal SideDish-er

    I’ve only had great experience(s) with Rafa’s.

    They cater incredibly at a phenomenal price:

    Rafa’s Cafe
    5617 W. Lovers Ln.
    Dallas, TX 75209


    If anything, visit their website (which has a “Catering” tab) to have some Mexican music playing in the background as you make your decision.

  • Steve

    Two Sisters Catering 214-823-3075

  • cbs

    we use Blue Mesa religiously. Does not get any easier or more reasonably priced. Interested in trying Rafas. Thanks for the topic.

  • Larkspur


  • Tim

    Blue Mesa

  • I am the catering director for La Hacienda Ranch & Mariano’s restaurants. We actually are locally owned and not a large chain resturant, although our catering department runs as efficiently as one. I would love to speak with you and send you a formal quote or discuss the bid you received. Please contact me, Amanda Paulson, at 817-267-2789 so that I can help you out.

  • Blue Mesa is reliable and reasonable.

  • HK

    As Amanda says above, they are a locally owned company AND inventor of the frozen margarita. They have catered our Halloween party for 5 years (about to be 6) and EVERYONE who attends asks for their name. Great service. Great food. Promise I dont work for these guys. If you call Amanda,she will give you my name as a referral. And if you are nice you can come to our party on the 22nd. \

  • Katy

    I am the catering manager at Matt’s Rancho Martinez and I would love to help you. We have been in business since the 1950’s and have amazing food and great service. Please call me at 972-533-5346.

    Katy P

  • HI! I’m Claudia the manager for E Claire Texas Cafe. We are a family owned restaurant and catering business located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. We serve a variety of food,including Tex-Mex. We are able to work within a budget for catering events. Feel free to contact me for any additional information.
    I will be happy to help you out.
    tel: 214-653-1133 or
    email: [email protected]
    Good Luck with your search. 🙂

  • AD

    Hi, I co-own La Margarita in Irving with my brother Gabriel. We have been in business with a full service restaurant and catering for over 20 years. It would be my pleasure to talk to you about your event, and what your needs are. Feel free to email me ([email protected]) or call me direct(214 673 9426).

    Best Regards,

    Adrian DeLeon

  • acrow

    Blue Mesa does a really good job

  • JoeH

    Matt’s Rancho Martinez does a fantastic job…..highly recommend them and will keep using them in the future.

  • ldascha

    We always use Hugo, owner at Cafe San Miguel on Henderson, perfect every time, great food at a very fair price for groups. You will be pleased.

  • Just as Shanna said, we are one of the most experienced and easy to work with caterers in DFW, family owned and operated restaurants, please give us a call @214-630-2313 and we’ll take care of you, it’s a promise!!

  • Hi! Thanks for the shout-outs to Blue Mesa above! I am the Catering Director for Blue Mesa Grill and I’d be happy to help with your event. We are locally owned and use mostly local ingredients. You can reach me directly anytime at 469.834.8249 or email [email protected]

  • Tinkerbell

    Wendy Krispin just did a gordita bar at an event last Saturday that people are still talking about this weekend

  • Deep-Sigh

    I really like Desperado’s on Greenville.