Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Tex-Mex Caterer in Dallas

Listen up, this one SHOULD be easy.

I am hosting an engagement party for a friend, and we need full-service Tex-Mex catering for 90-100 people. I have estimates from some of the larger restaurants (El Fenix, Uncle Julio’s, Mariano’s), but I would like to find another option that would be more flexible, perhaps family-owned and not a chain. I have tried Manny’s, but their catering person is a disaster – it took me 6 phone calls to get her on the phone and within two minutes she put me on hold and never returned. So far in my experience, it seems like the bigger restaurants are more efficient at this sort of business, but if any SideDish readers have had a great catering experience with a smaller Mexican restaurant, I would love some more options.

Speak now. (I used Herrera’s once for a Christmas party.)