Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Healthy Food at the State Fair of Texas

This brave Disher asks the question:

Hello. Do you know if any of the vendors at the State Fair have anything remotely healthy?  I know it is a fried food fiesta, but surely there is something healthy or just low calorie to be had? Chicken tacos on corn tortillas would suffice.

I am clueless. Healthy State Fair food is an oxymoron.


  • You can actually bring food into the fair. A small cooler or lunch bag-type thing is completely legal. They’ll just search it at the gate, and metal silverware is verboten.

  • Semi-Loyal SideDish-er

    Ask them to fry up some sugar-free bubblegum.

  • LJT

    Just eat at home before you go. Geez. Somebody Help This Poor Girl indeed. It’s one freaking day – have a corny dog and get over yourself!

  • These “help me out” questioners are getting lazier by the day. The State Fair’s website has a link to search for food items:

    Being someone for whom the State Fair is my once-annual corn dog splurge, I haven’t a good answer to the question from personal experience.

  • Eagles

    Roasted ear of corn with no butter.

  • A. B.

    My in-laws always get a Greek salad and sweet potato pie in the food pavilion. Not saying it is healthy, but at least it consists of vegetables that are not deep-fried. Personally, I’m with LJT’s ‘it’s one freaking day’ comment.

  • Kat

    I was there Sunday and after a cheat at Brunch beforehand I was looking for a healthier fair option. I settled on a corn cup (located at one of the southwest stands of the Cotton Bowl plaza) minus the butter, sour cream, and cheese. There is hot sauce and a nice spice shaker at the counter you can add in to your cup. It was delicious!

  • Gizzard

    Eat before you go, or just stay home. What fun you must be……….

  • Bob

    Roasted corn on the cob.

  • Jessica

    Seriously? Just don’t go if it’s that big of an issue for you. I agree with the above posters – It’s one day out of your life, live a little.

  • In the middle

    Although I agree with the “it IS the state fair, have something fried” sentiment, there may be some medical reason for this girl not to eat large amounts of grease. Gout? Ulcers? Who knows. Why do people have to get so bent out of shape over a simple question.

  • Rebross

    Eat a turkey leg.

  • Scagnetti

    I go to Hans Mueller and order a dinner salad with the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and dressing on the side.

  • Sliver o’ liver

    Just drink several beers and you won’t feel hungry at all.

  • Aarti

    Grass is healthy – there’s lots of that

  • I asked the question

    Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I’m sorry i offended some of you by asking this…yes, there is a medical reason that i cannot go crazy on calories and i would totally avoid the fair, but i’m hosting my young nieces and nephew who have never been and are dying to go. Believe me, i’m not that into the fair, but i’m going for them. As for the poster who called me lazy, i did use the search feature. I put in some food things that i know i can eat, it gave me a list of vendors, and then i tried to find sites or info for the vendors to see what they served exactly, but i was only able to locate info for a couple of places…i really did do a lengthy search, but when i couldn’t find info, i thought maybe nancy had some first hand info. Sorry! I didn’t know i could bring food in, but now that i do, i’ll just do that. I would just eat beforehand, but i am guessing the relatives are going to want to stay a while. Thanks again for you help!

  • Jennifer

    Geez! Give the girl a break! I’m with her…there should be SOME healthy options. Not everyone wants to eat, bathe, and drink grease.

  • CJ

    Just noticed a food vendor tonight with grilled chicken and shrimp-maybe in tacos? The vendor is on the row opposite the food and fiber pavilion (between the main stage and the petting zoo) and they have big signs touting their grilled fare. And I also second the roasted corn without butter suggestion. Check out the Greek salad in the Food Pavillion. Chocolate covered strawberries if you want just a little sweet with your fruit.

  • Stacy

    The Caribbean Food booth inside the food court area has filled patties that are unfried. I don’t eat meat and this the one place I can I always count on for a veggie patty with a side salad. Their banner is orange.
    Of course, I then go back outside and get a funnel cake… 🙂

  • chase

    have a coke zero and a smile and work on the helpless soul act.

  • Chicken

    It amazes me how many unbelievably rude comments are posted on these boards. Jesus. I realize that’s why most people read and participate in the D Mag blogs, but are you guys so angry and miserable in life that you feel compelled to nit pick, scoff and make fun of anyone who posts or asks something that isn’t already snarky to begin with? Is there some sort of ‘meanie’ award that’s given out at the end of each week that I’m not aware of? Because if there is, of course I’d like to join the contest.

    As insolent and surly as everyone gets on here (myself included), can’t you just take a break at least once a week and be helpful and nice to someone who actually values your opinion and would like your help?

    I fully expect to be barraged with written attacks, and I’m cool with that. So bring it. 🙂

  • Chicken, yes, DMag has a mean blog comment quota that they have to meet daily or Wick goes ballistic when he actually takes notice of these things. When they don’t meet quota, Zac Crain has a variety of aliases he uses to comment with and one of those usually gets the “Meanie” Award … especially b/c it’s so ironic because he actually should get the “Sweetie” award.

  • Thanks, Chicken. Anonymous people are mean! And Nikki, you have us confused with FrontBurner.

  • Egg

    @ Chicken – I know you are, but what am I?

  • RC

    I don’t think the poster asked for criticism; no need to post if you’re not helping to answer the question. I say bringing your own food is the best option to save money and your health.

    For most of us, maybe it won’t “hurt” to have one day of eating fried stuff, but if you have a certain lifestyle, as I do, I don’t want to have to “just accept” what’s available and go against they way I live.

    It’s sad that being healthy is weird and going to fast food joints for a burger and fries with unknown ingredients and sources is more acceptable.

  • Paddy

    I completely sympathize with the poster. Whether for medical reasons or whether you have to be there for a long time on a given day, it is good to know your options. One I found I don’t think anyone mentioned: In the wine court (Nimitz Court) there is a place that sells tomato and mozzarella skewers and fruit. The Oasis restaurant also sells salads and veggies, and a few of the mexican food places will sell just beans and rice or even just beans. As with the corn option above this can be pretty tasty if you use the condiments bar with a creative hand. I second the greek salad (tower building) and corn with no butter options (or just put some Parmesan cheese on it instead). Also keep your eyes open for oven fried and baked potatoes (no butter or anything on them), and all the grilled options (grilled shrimp, chicken, even alligator). Even the turkey leg can be OK if you have someone to share it with. Also save money by bringing a water bottle and refilling it at the sometimes hard to find water fountains (but they are there!). Gives you extra money to spend on rides (or that one fried thing you might want to try). Good luck1

  • Stacy

    Update: Went to the Fair over the weekend and my beloved Caribbean Foods was GONE!!! They had been a food vendor for years. Sorry, healthy, vegetarian option is no more.