Somebody Help This Dirty Girl Out

This just landed in my inbox:

Hi Sarah!
We host an a dinner club. Each month, our guests take turns selecting an ethnic restaurant that is one of those hole-in-the-wall, behind-a-gas-station type of joints.

Well, this month, it’s my turn and I have an insatiable craving for dirty southern soul food. I lived in Memphis for four years and ate my fill of greasy pork ribs, chitlins, and peach cobbler, but where can I find those wonderful foods here in DFW? I need to get back to my dirty southern roots!

Help a sister out!


Love it! Let’s send her to our favorite holes in our favorite walls…


  • darley

    Sweet Georgia Brown Bar-B-Que, 2840 East Ledbetter Drive, Dallas, TX 75241

    Plenty of food, great leftovers.

  • SB

    South Dallas Cafe –

    I have not been to their ‘new’ location. They used to be near Fair Park but had to move to make way for DART. It looks like they are now housed in an old Chili’s. Their greens are amazing.

  • Sweet Georgia Brown Bar-B-Q Buffet, in Deep South Dallas. But don’t expect to get in & out fast, cause this place is packed, esp on the weekends! so worth the trip, awesome portions, with lipsmacking chow.