Restaurants Beware: New Order Scam is Making the Rounds

Last year,  hundreds of restaurants in the U.S. were ripped off by a caller who placed a large catering order to be picked up by a delivery service. The caller instructed the restaurant to add a $500 to the credit card bill and give it to the delivery service. I know it sound ludicrous that anyone would fall for this, but obviously some folks did. 

This morning comes word that a new scam is making the rounds. This time, it’s switched to an email:

How are you doing today? This Mr. John Morgan speaking, I will like to place an order to go, can i speak with the owner about the order? My Mom birthday is coming up on the 20th of October and i will like to place an order for 150 grill chicken sandwich with salad individual pack for the 150 guest, It will be pick up by 3pm on the given date, So can i know the price per person and the total cost for the order plus tax. Can i have your full restaurant address and your name so i can forward to the carrier that will be coming for the pick up of the order once the food is ready by 3pm on the given date and i want you to promise me and assure me you going to prepaire (sic) the food nice and delicious.

If you get this email and fall for it, I have no sympathy for you. If you get one, let me know.


  • Restaurant Gal

    Thanks Nancy! We got one a while ago, but ignored it.

    Many restaurants will fire a server for giving cash back to a guest via the gratuity.

    The owner ends up eating the credit card fees and when something like this comes back, the restaurant can eat the entire charge if the credit card company decides (it technically violates their agreement by not having an actual card presented for payment).

    Anyhow, it’s bad business all the way around.

  • sass

    I find the grammar and syntax to be much more offensive than the sad scam attempt.

  • jane

    We got one of these but the caller was using an AT&T operator for hearing impaired assistance. The caller also claimed to have cancer. Our caller got a little greedy and wanted $900. The call was traced to Ohio and our corporate office is all over it like white on rice.

  • We get several of these per month…along with several TDD operator assist calls. The grammar, syntax and intense desire for 150-300 “grill chicken Caesar salad” are usually the tip offs!

  • EB

    Nancy, there is a new scam targeting retail stores. The caller will call the store and purchase a large gift certificate using a usually stolen credit card, and then sends a couple of people to the store to pick up the gift certificate, and they go ahead and use the gift certificate right there and then for merchandise.

  • irodguy

    It’s why I always see these guys should be treated like terrorist if caught and sent to Gitmo for some “therapy”

  • Sweetdude

    Got one of these from mr morgan and immediately recognized it as a scam, since I have a dessert catering business and don’t offer that menu item. Duh!! Really smart criminal minds at work.

  • I got one of these too. And the hearing impaired phone calls. After two calls I knew it was a scam and gave them the Avner “go F yourself” speech. Such BS and dishonesty out there…it’s amazing.

  • I got one this morning-email saying he wanted to order 150 bottles and have a delivery service come get it. As soon as I saw his “delivery” service was a UK address, knew it was all wrong!

  • tejasmom

    I’ve gotten several of these on my home email – I don’t own a restaurant. I was very puzzled why they were sending them to me – plus they were clearly some kind of scam, too.

  • KR

    It’s been several years later and we still receive those faxes/emails.

  • Katrina Humphrey

    I just got this email this morning..

    “Thank you for your response,I am presently recuperating from the diagnosis of lung Cancer and am still in the hospital , that’s why i have to contact you via text to place this order,Hope that isn’t a problem? I’ m placing the order behalf of my family; if the family count on you, you should not be a disappointment, I hope you understand where i’m coming from? Pls I would need chicken salad wraps for 100 guest, Also ( 50 Diet coke& 50 Sprite ) all Boxed individually. I will have my private carrier driver come down to your kitchen with a pickup Van by 24th June 2017 by 3pm pick up time.Pls get back with a grand total and i will be happy to make full payment ahead of time using my credit card..”

  • Howard Rutledge

    Just received one today from Jaden Kelsey – [email protected]. $615 for pizza and $3,850 for a delivery fee. Good one lol