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Red River BBQ Shootout


October is my favorite month for many reasons. But the most important reason is what happens this Saturday: the Red River Rivalry (say that three times fast). While I’m preparing my down ’Horns symbol and getting my vocal chords ready for a lot of Boomer Sooner-ing, I’ve also been preparing my stomach. DRG Concepts, which is basically taking over downtown Dallas dining, and Downtown Dallas, which has a hand in just about every cool event that happens downtown, are getting together tonight and tomorrow for the Red River BBQ Shootout. Even if you’re not a Sooner or a Longhorn, you’re going to like what’s going to happen. Tonight, a few of us media types are going to judge barbecue from four Texas pitmasters and four Oklahoma pitmasters. We’ll pick the best barbecue joints from each state to go against each other tomorrow night at Main Street Garden. And here’s where you come in: you pick the winner and the receiver of the $1,000 prize. Show up at Main Street Garden sometime between 5 to 10 tomorrow and taste both dishes. Then choose who you think does barbecue the best. While you’re there, you’ll hear bands from both the states as well. Go here for more info. And while you’re doing that, I’m going to refresh myself with what makes good barbecue by reading this.

At this point, I have no idea who will win the barbecue contest. But I do know who will win Saturday’s game—Boomer!