Lucia Welcomes Chefs for a “Plate”d Lunch

Lucia's Porchetta

Monday afternoon Plate Magazine, a chef and restaurant publication out of Chicago, brought a group of local chefs, and a few writers, together for a lunch at Lucia in Oak Cliff honoring the beloved pig and featuring products from Italy, including Speck ham, Asiago cheese and wine from Alto Aldige.  

The room was buzzing as Cocchi Americano Cocktails were poured for the group as they gathered.  A refreshing mix of Cocchi Americano, an herb and citrus infused Muscato, with soda and orange rind– a perfect aperitif. Some of the invited chefs included Taco and Dunia Borga from La Duni, Scott Gottlich (Bijoux, Second Floor), Teech (Tei-An), Jill Bergus (Lockhart Smokehouse), and Dude, Sweet Dude’s Katherine Clappner.

Lucia Salumi

The idea behind the lunch was to introduce chefs to these great Italian products, trying them over lunch, as well as give them an opportunity to sit back and enjoy a great meal.  Quite the lunch to start a work week.

Once seated, happy chefs enjoyed Cantina Terlano Pinto Bianco with plates of  salumi and crostini, including heavenly Eggplant Asiago, N’duja, Chicken Liver, Prosciutto Piccolo, Black Pepper Salame and Soppressata.

Eggplant Asiago, N'duja and Chicken Liver Crostini
Spaghetti with Spicy Tripe Stew, Speck and Asiago
Arugula, Fennel and Red Onion Salad with Testa Fritta
Chef/Owner David Uygur of Lucia

Spaghetti with Spicy Tripe Stew, Speck and a perfect egg followed as the second course, along with house made bread for dipping into the yolk.

A main course of Porchetta with a fennel, arugula and red onion followed, paired with a fruit forward J. Hofstatter Pinto Nero Mevzan.

Sanguinaccio or pig’s blood pudding ended the meal, with a silky texture and a taste just like rich and creamy chocolate pudding.

Sanguinaccio with Candied Orange and Cocoa Nibs


  • Scott–DFW

    Nice photos. Who took them?

  • Twinwillow


  • melon cauli

    hey just wondering if anyone has the scoop on what appears to be a new restaurant on Gaston Ave. called “Stack House” and looks to be burgers.

    it’s east of Baylor and at the Malcolm X intersection.

  • Melon, it is going to be a steak place opened by a motorcycle racer. I have a post on it scheduled for tomorrow.

  • JJFoodie

    MAn! It would sure be great if Lucia did a lunch service…instead of having to play “Reservation Roulette,” and hope they have slots left and that they call you back!

  • Scott, Hayley Hamilton took photos. Sorry, I should have added that.

  • As Foursquare mayor of Lucia, I approve.

  • joeat

    Even lunch one day a week like Nonna would be great.

  • MDallas

    Reservations only, did not make me and my partner fans either. We live in Oak-cliff and support neighboring businesses, They had obvious room and preferred business on their terms. I thought they were part of the service industry.