Is Savor Dallas Moving to Irving?

I got a semi-frantic email from a semi-frantic restaurant owner. “Savor Dallas is moving to the Irving Convention Center this year. We got our invite to participate and apparently they are moving to broaden their appeal.” I went deep into Savor Dallas’ Facebook page and found this:

Savor Dallas announces the 8th Annual event will be held March 30-31, 2012, and expands regionally. Participants can enjoy wine, food, spirits and the arts in the Dallas Arts District, and the new Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, 500 W. Las Colinas Blvd.

Hey, Jim White! What is up? Are you changing the name to Savor Dallas and Irving? Have you ever heard of a basketball tournament called “The Final Four?” Dude, give us the news.

UPPITY DATE:  Savor Dalling Irvas Dallas organizer, Jim White, responds below. He is on top of the whole situation. All good. Jump for it.


  • Justin


    So is Jim White trying to top his blunder of this year’s Groupon fiasco and further alienate those of us that have always looked forward to strolling through the Arts District while enjoying some wine?

    If it goes to Irving it’ll be a no-brainer to skip the next one.

  • Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for asking, and thanks for your support of Savor Dallas. As you note above, our website says, and as we mentioned in our invitation to the restaurants for participation with our International Grand Tasting in 2012: Savor Dallas is expanding regionally. We will continue our Arts District Wine Stroll in downtown Dallas on Friday March 30th, and are completing plans now for another fun, food, wine and music party–at a very popular Dallas location to be announced soon–to follow the Arts District Event on Friday night. On Saturday, during the day, we are planning wine seminars and cooking events–also in Dallas, which will be announced in the next couple of weeks. We are very excited to be able to invite our chefs, beverage partners, and of course, our wonderful wine and food loving supporters (otherwise known as “consumers”) to join us in the beautiful, new, conveniently located Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas for our “Reserve Tasting” and “International Grand Tasting” on Saturday March 31. The facility is awesome. And, it’s just 10 minutes north of downtown Dallas. Folks who attend will find another lavish layout of wine, food, beer, spirits, great chef cuisine to sample, and a very artful, comfortable setting at the Las Colinas facility, located just adjacent to the Las Colinas Town Center. You will see a magnificent entertainment complex grow up around this facility in the next few years. Our attendees will have much easier access for parking here than at previous locations for Savor Dallas. The chefs and beverage folks will have much easier access for loading in and out as well, thanks to the facility’s design. I wish the “semi-frantic restaurant owner” had contacted us with his/her concerns. We thought our invitation made it clear that Savor Dallas is expanding regionally, not moving away from Dallas. Thanks for letting us know we need to do a better job of communicating that to them. How many years did we drive to Irving to watch the Cowboys? The Las Colinas center is between MacArthur and O’Conner on Highway 114, so it’s just a punt and pass beyond the former Texas Stadium site, and of course, still in Dallas County. The great new DART line opening next year will make it event more convenient with a stop right by the Convention Center. As to the Final Four. Yes, we knew that it was Final Four weekend in New Orleans, and felt that home games (in earlier weekends in March) with the Mavericks at AAC were more of a conflict than the Final Four. Personally, I DVR everything these days anyway, and watch it when it’s convenient. Not much I can do about folks who are attending the games in person. So, having said all this, I would invite folks to contact me with any questions. We are very excited to be working with some great new partners in Las Colinas to continue creating a fresh and lively setting for the “most delicious wine and food festival in Texas” (and beer, spirits, and arts, of course!). Nancy, we also hope that you got the invite to join us for our event in Uptown on Wednesday October 12th–“Dine on the Line”. You have so many faithful readers who are lovers of food and wine, that we hope you will invite them to join us as we “Savor Uptown Dallas” to announce our 2012 dates, and to celebrate great restaurants in Uptown who are participating with us. There are a number of dinner and drink specials offered. Folks can ride the McKinney Avenue Trolley for free with us and raise a toast to fall weather. BTW, this event, plus some others that are being developed (following Savor Dallas in March) are also part of a long-term strategy to continue expanding Savor Dallas to other regions within the Metroplex, likely under the banner of “Savor Wine and Food……(fill in the region). Again, thanks for your support. I hope this answers your questions to your satisfaction, and to your readers, whom we appreciate, very much. Cheers!

  • OK, Justin, let me address that too. The crowding in the Arts District was due to Groupon AND a promotion we supported to raise funds for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The two promotions overwhelmed the facilities. We vowed then, and repeat now, that we learned a lesson, and will not be doing these type of discount programs again. The Arts District Wine Stroll will return to the size, flow, and feel that made it so popular for 6 previous years, instead of the “two year supply of people” who attended last year during the Stroll. Sorry for that. We were upset, too, Justin. Thanks.

  • Wine and Food Only

    Hey, everyone complained last year about access, I would think that the more events there are litered around the city the more people will be able to enjoy the fun and excitement. From a marketing standpoint wont Savor be able to pull more national attention than ever to our local events with more venues available??? Heellllooo !!!

    There is no doubt in my mind that Savor and Mr. White will rock the city with the 2012 event. From a foodie’s perspective, the more the merrier!!!! Wine On!!!!

  • Justin

    Eh, my initial post was maybe a weeeee bit reactionary. Sorry Jim.

  • No problem, Justin. Thank you “Wine and Food Only”. I love the way you think. Cheers!

  • me

    Anyone who thinks a regular season Mavs game is comparable to the Final Four clearly knows nothing about basketball. No Savor Dallas/Irving for me this year.

  • me

    And yes, I own a DVR.

  • Saying the Irving ConCen is in Las Colinas is like saying Fair Park is in DnTnDallas. It is, but not really. The major highways are still torn up(as they have been for years), and the unfinished DART station is nowhere near walking distance to the building. Also, has anybody been through Las Co lately? I have. It’s a dead zone, a shell of what it resembled back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Retail is practically nonexistent. The “growth” that Mr. White speaks of is not likely to be seen in our present economy. I hate to be a “DebbieDowner”, but I just don’t see it. Lotsa luck, Savor.

  • Wine and Food Only

    I love the responses of those who can’t seem to think we can’t get to an event in LC…I mean since everything else in Dallas Texas is right on the corner from our respective houses and we don’t have to drive ANYWHERE to do ANYTHING in Dallas or Texas for that matter LC must be tooooo far….. Get real, if traveling outside of your bubble scares you, maybe you need to stay in your bubble and let the rest of us enjoy a kick but wine event!!!! For the non-adventurous shlubs enjoy your back fence!!! Geeezzzz

  • Jean

    As long as there is food and wine we will find you Jim.

  • BorntoRhone

    Listen – I live just east of downtown and I work in Las Colinas. The Savor folks are HIGH if they think this is “10 minutes from downtown Dallas”. Depending on day/time it is 25-55 minutes. I have attended last couple of years and really enjoyed the Grand Tasting, but I will definitely not be going to Irving.
    By the way – parking?? I took a cab like any sensible person who is going to spend several hours drinking.