Interview With Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss

Buddy Valastro whips it good.

Buddy Valastro of TLC’s hit show, Cake Boss, takes ten minutes to talk to D Magazine intern, Carol Shih, about his upcoming event on November 13  in Dallas. Sure, Buddy’s usually barking out orders in his New Joisey accent when he’s got to make a toilet bowl cake that actually flushes, but he’s really just a guy who loves his wife and four kids. Tell Buddy what cake you want, and he’ll whip it right up.

Here is a transcript of our recent phone conversation:

CS: Since you’re going to be in Texas on November 13, I have to ask: what’s your favorite thing about Dallas?

BV: Honestly, it’s my first time going to Dallas, so I’m excited to see the sites. There are so many great people who come to the bakery from Texas, I thought it was a place I owed it to the fans to go to and have a good time.

CS: What’s a talent or skill that not even your viewers know about?

Jump for it.

BV: Let me think about that. Hmm. I can do some pretty good imitations of Scooby Doo….

CS: Can you do one for me?

BV: You’re killin’ me; do you really want me to do one?

CS: Yes, please.

BV: [howls like Scooby Doo]

CS: Have your kids seen your show on TV?

BV: Oh, my kids see the show all the time; they’re huge Cake Boss fans.  We watch it together every Monday night as a family.

CS: Do you guys eat cake as you watch Cake Boss?

BV: Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

CS: I was stalking you on Google and read that you show off your cakes to people on your iPad.

BV: Sometimes. It’s easy to show the cakes with an iPad, so I enjoy having the technology and carrying all my cakes on it.

CS: If you were on death row, and you only had one meal left, what would you eat and why?

BV: I would have my lobster tail. As far as a meal, my wife’s eggplant parm or a nice steak. I’m pretty diverse; I eat anything.

CS: Would you eat a pig’s brain?

BV: I wouldn’t eat pigs’ brains or anything like that, but there are certain things that, growin’ up, didn’t seem weird.

CS: What’s one question that you wish people would ask you?

BV: Well, it’s not a question that they would ask me. I just really want everybody to know who I am. I’m really this hardworking guy who’s all about family, all about the American dream, believin’ in this country and doing the right thing. So I just wish people knew how hard it is and how much I have to work to make all this happen. And just know, at the end of the day, I’m a really good guy.

CS: Don’t worry; I think a lot of people already know that. It comes across on your show.

BV: Well, thank you, hon. I appreciate it.

Join Buddy on November 13 for a night of baking and personal stories at the Majestic Theatre. For tickets to “An Evening with Buddy Valastro: The Cake Boss.”


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