Hey Dallas, What Would You Ask Anthony Bourdain?

My question: What is behind that bone? (Photo by Melanie Dunea from the book, My Last Supper)

Anthony Bourdain will be at The Majestic tonight. Tickets are still available. I understand there will be a Q&A segment in the show. Can’t go? Send me your questions. I’ll try to get them answered.

Oh, and Tony. Tonight is the sixth game of the World Series. Our Texas Rangers could be champions before your show is over. You’ve will have hard core Rangers fans in the audience with DVRs recording the game. Please do not give game updates. That goes for you fans in the audience. If I see one of you on your cell phone getting game results, I WILL CUT YOU.


  • Steele Wright

    If your meal at elBulli was a record you’ve owned which one would provide the soundtrack to the transcendent savory satisfaction Ferran served?

  • DatRocks

    I disagree. Tony, please update us during the show. I have absolutely no intention of going home and watching the whole thing on DVR. And if we win, I’m pretty sure it will be evident the minute we step out of the theater. That being said, if I hadn’t bought tickets months ago, I would probably be skipping tonight – I’m awful. Such unfortunate timing.

  • JB

    Would he have a taco with me and Dr. Robert Jefress?

  • Gizzard

    Has he ever choked on a bag of dicks?

  • Emily

    Same position for me as DatRocks – do we know how long Tony’s program is scheduled to go?

  • Borborygmus

    JB – I thought Dr. Jefress was more of a boner guy.

  • Twinwillow

    Where does he get condoms for that “boner”?

  • Marvin Lee

    Er…wow. I will avoid fuckin’ with you Nancy.