First Dallas, er Oak Cliff, Guerrilla Bar to Open on Thursday

The highly motivate mixologist team of Michael Martensen and Ed “Lucky” Campbell are spearheading Bar 828, a guerrilla bar that will open at 828 Davis this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (6PM) and continue on the same days for the next three weeks. The final evening will be October 29.  Yes, these guys are busy putting together their new bar, High and Rye, in downtown Dallas but they just can’t seem to stop themselves from doing more projects. “Yeah, that’s just kinda how we work,” Martensen said via phone from the patio at Manny’s in Uptown where he is watching the Rangers game. “We can’t believe nobody has ever done this. We are going to be the first guerrilla bar.”

Bartenders from all over Dallas will participate on a rotating basis. There will also be beer, wine, food trucks, and live music coordinated by JT Donaldson. A Portion of the proceeds will go to the Promise House who has been helping teens in North Texas since 1984. So head out to The OC, home of the secret-keeping restaurateurs, and catch Brian (Sfuzzi, Standard Pour ) McCullough on Thursday.

Jump for other bartenders who’ve already signed up for the party.

A few names of the Local Bartenders Participating:

Dub Davis of Marquee Bar and Grill

Sean Conner of Whiskey Cake

Omar Yeefoon Peoples Last Stand

Kyle Hilla of Bolsa

Brad Hensarling of the Usual Bar Ft Worth

The Entire Crew of the Cedars Social


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  • Borborygmus

    Ummm, just a technicality, but how does one get a liquor license for a guerrila bar?

  • The Blonde

    I always get the impression that D is not at all comfortable with the OC and all of its doings. It’s a little outside the box. Maybe it needs a M Crowd restaurant to help tap the brakes.

  • Jean

    The Blonde. You must be joking. The last several is seas I said to my psrtner “is there anything else in D besides stuff in Oak Cliff. Do some reading. If you are new I’m sorry but you steep wrong. Bolsa best restaurant ! I read it in D and we go twice a week from LBJ and Forest. Wish I Could afford to live thers! Why would MiCina work in OC?

  • sara

    Who are these bartenders? Surely, that’s not it

  • Lindsey


  • Borborygmus

    Seriously, I want to know how they get a TABC license to operate for 3 weeks when most people have to wait MONTHS for a license in a permanent location.

    Dish the deets – because maybe this could work elsewhere in Dallas – unless it is an unlicensed operation, that is. In which case, have you consired how this might muck up the rest of your operations? Or where you can get cheap bail?

  • George

    It is my understanding that if you have a liquor license for one location, you can use it at another location on a temporary basis. I believe it is called a catering permit.

  • I asked Michael and he said he has a catering license already through Cedars Social.

  • Borborygmus

    Ummm, OK. But a catered event is not:

    Open to the public
    Bar Checks paid by individuals
    Operating in a non-permitted location
    Advertised as a guerrilla bar

    The more important question – has Michael really asked the TABC if this is kosher? Because if it is, maybe we need one up in North Dallas, or East Dallas, why wouldn’t everyone just do one?

  • He said he cleared it with the TABC but I don’t know if he actually asked if it is “kosher.” Martensen did say, “I can’t believe nobody else has done this before.” I guess all we can do is sit back and watch the show. We all know much the TABC loves SideDish.

  • Booze Hound

    Well I guess we all know who the d-bag is that will be calling TABC on these guys…

  • Borborygmus

    I don’t have a dog in this show, but I’d hate for any of these bartenders or servers to get into trouble with the TABC. I’m not calling the TABC if that’s what you’re insinuating. But don’t think they’re stupid about these trends, either.

    Filing a catering request with the TABC based on your catering permit is not the same as having assurance that this operation is not in complaince. For example, a catering permit does not allow a permit holder to sell liquor, wine or beer at an event in a residence. At its core, this endeavor is operating as a pop up business, not as a catered event.

    Maybe this multi-week event is a TABC approved one, in which it would mean many holders of catering permits could do exactly this. All over town. But maybe this is an attempt at something new, and in a grey area of regulation.

    I think anyone working should be certain that this has been approved by the TABC guidelines. Because if not, the employees could have charges brought against them as well.

  • Liquid Ninja

    Dear Sara, go somewhere other than McKinney Avenue. As for everyone else- Don’t Sweat It, Just Let It. It’s gonna happen and if you are lucky enough to get in on the 29th your’re in for a real treat.

  • bourbon boy

    Its simply a new experience that will be worth the trip im sure…remember 48 nights…gangbusters!

  • Crystal Gonzalez

    Can’t wait!

  • sara

    @liquid ninja, I don’t hang out on McKinney. I think that there are a lot better mixologists in Dallas than the ones on the list. Just saying……

  • Liquid Ninja

    Name em…

  • Booze fight!!!

  • AskTheMexican

    I believe this is a similar project like the one in 09. Except this time, some proceeds will benefit Dream House, while still gaining some profitable stance within the project for those participating.

  • sara

    @liquid ninja,any bartender from TGI fridays, that’s who that’s how great the list is. The guy that was voted the best bartender by the reader’s of D mag 2011. Why aren’t there any women on the list? Seriously….

  • Liquid Ninja

    That’s what I figured. If u know any of these gentlemen and have been to their respective place of tending u know how talented and respected they are within the Dallas market. Looking forward to seeing all the real Foodies and Cocktalians that really know about the movement.

  • Loving The OC

    @sara – so from the Magazine that was formerly HQ’d across the street from Al Biernat… they pick the bartender at Al Birnat’s. And in the write up they tip their hat to Mike Martensen and Lucky Campbell… and they like Danny because he remembers your name and cuts you off. I’m sure he’s a great bartender, but these guys are the best mixologists in Dallas. Hands down.

  • You guys have lost me here. What are we discussing here?

  • sara

    @Nancy, not sure. @liquid ninja, I’ve been to all the
    Places where these guys work and have worked and I will be going to the guerrilla bar. yes, I will be let in. My point is there are women who are great mixologists/bartenders and I think they should seek them out. I don’t need to name anyone because if you are in the industry you know what women are great mixologists. That’s all

  • Stephanie

    Why is there so much arguing regarding this. I smell a little bit of the hater juice in the blog. I really don’t believe that these guys would take the chance of getting in trouble with the TABC just to open this for a few weeks.. I love the Bishop Arts area (that is why I live there) and cant wait to hopefully get a chance to stop by. It seems like so many people are upset because “Oak Cliff” is becoming very trendy. As far as the women mixologists/bartenders, maybe they weren’t available, maybe they were too scared to be apart of the movement. All I’m saying is do knock it till you try it.. I love Oak Cliff and everything that is changing around us!!!

  • Liquid Ninja

    So we went from tgi friday beertenders to really just wanting a soap box to preach ur womens lib. Im sure if there was a woman “mixologist” out there willing to take on the task she would have been sought out. Either way its on tonight. What flavored vodka do u like sara so they can order it? I keed I keed.

  • sara

    @liquid ninja, what happened to your boy?

  • Michael Martensen

    Hey Side Dish we are on day three and having a blast. Thanks to all the supporters out there we really appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you over the next couple weekends.



  • @Borborygmus @George @Nancy Nichols @Stephanie TABC Temporary Permit Sec. 30.01. AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES. The holder of a daily temporary mixed beverage permit may sell mixed beverages for consumption on the premises for which the permit is issued.

    Seller/Server Instructor
    JC Bartending Academy
    Bartending Instructor