First Dallas, er Oak Cliff, Guerrilla Bar to Open on Thursday

The highly motivate mixologist team of Michael Martensen and Ed “Lucky” Campbell are spearheading Bar 828, a guerrilla bar that will open at 828 Davis this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (6PM) and continue on the same days for the next three weeks. The final evening will be October 29.  Yes, these guys are busy putting together their new bar, High and Rye, in downtown Dallas but they just can’t seem to stop themselves from doing more projects. “Yeah, that’s just kinda how we work,” Martensen said via phone from the patio at Manny’s in Uptown where he is watching the Rangers game. “We can’t believe nobody has ever done this. We are going to be the first guerrilla bar.”

Bartenders from all over Dallas will participate on a rotating basis. There will also be beer, wine, food trucks, and live music coordinated by JT Donaldson. A Portion of the proceeds will go to the Promise House who has been helping teens in North Texas since 1984. So head out to The OC, home of the secret-keeping restaurateurs, and catch Brian (Sfuzzi, Standard Pour ) McCullough on Thursday.

Jump for other bartenders who’ve already signed up for the party.

A few names of the Local Bartenders Participating:

Dub Davis of Marquee Bar and Grill

Sean Conner of Whiskey Cake

Omar Yeefoon Peoples Last Stand

Kyle Hilla of Bolsa

Brad Hensarling of the Usual Bar Ft Worth

The Entire Crew of the Cedars Social