Eat This Now: Pie Shakes from Scrumbscious Pie Company in Mesquite

Nestled in the shadows of the towering stadium of the Mesquite High School fightin’ Skeeters, sits a humble family-owned pie shop with owners every bit as sweet as their glorious cherry pie.  Dallas needs more pie shops like Scrumbscious.  Sure, plenty of places offer a handful of pie flavors, many of which are honorable in their own right, but when an establishment is willing to dedicate their lives to the creation of an American icon, you can rest assured they are going to do things right.

Choosing your slice of pie can be a daunting task indeed for the indecisive and scatterbrained among us, but luckily you are safe enough just throwing a dart at the menu board and ordering whatever it lands on (Note: do not throw darts in the store, they do not appreciate this).  I could ramble on about my favorites, the silky smooth coconut cream, the rich, aromatic fresh pecan pie, but really, just go with your gut on this one.

There's a whole slice of pie in there, people!

But what drew me here was not the simple promise of fresh baked pies.  I have heard rumors for months now about the legend of Scrumbscious’ Pie Shakes.  Sure, the concept is simple enough.  Take everything that is sweet and lovely about the pie eating experience, slice of pie + ice cream + a dash of milk, throw it into a blender and drink it all through a straw.  Not rocket science (my granny has been doing the same thing with all her meals ever since her dentures started slipping), but something magical is to be had in the humble pie shake.  The ice cream tastes sweeter, the pie still sings softly through the symphony of flavors, specks of flakey pie crust threaten to clot up the straw and end the entire experience, but magically things turn out alright, and your you can suck your joy down in a steady stream of pleasure.  A dollop of whipped cream adds the finishing touch to an already over-the-top experience, and I’m not complaining.

Any slice of your choosing can be incorporated into the Pie Shake, so let your imagination run wild.  All your favorites are waiting for you: apple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, banana cream, sweet potato, or pumpkin. You will begin to wonder why you never thought of this million-dollar idea.  You may even begin to imagine what other goodies could be upgraded to shake form.  Cupcake shakes? Cakeball shakes? Whoopie pie shakes? Deep fried shakes? Easy there partner, just leave the shaking to the experts, and no one knows better than the folks at Scrumbscious.  Enjoy, dear friends.

Scrumbscious Pie Company

1151 E. Davis St.

Mesquite, TX


  • Myohmy

    Delicious report!!

  • Mishi

    Sweeet!! (pun intended)
    There were a couple places up in Jersey and NYC where i moved from that had cake shakes…best of both worlds!

  • Gonzo

    How can you not mention the awesome burgers and fries? Everything these guys do is good. I have referred alot of people to them and nobody has ever been disappointed.

  • stirfry

    Pie+Shake? Thats against nature!