Doggies! Deep Ellum Pup Crawl Report

Cub Reporter: McVitie

Every year the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT) works with the the Deep Ellum Foundation to raise funds for GALT’s work saving greyhounds. Pups (any breed and many breed) and their owners walk between participating merchants collecting poker cards. At the end the highest hand wins a prize. Entrants also got an event t-shirt, drink/food specials and GALT goody bag. Pup crawl stops included Trees, Club Dada, St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin, The Bone, and Reno’s Chop Shop.

SideDish planned to send Andrew Chalk to this but he was laid up due to a nagging FarmVille injury. However, he was able to send his dog to cover it…

McVItie barks below.

“The human parked outside a place called “The Red Dog” and I wanted to go in to see the dog but he wouldn’t let me even though it smelled of pizza inside and I wanted to try a slice or two so then he yanked me over to the dog park Bark Park Central and I discovered I wasn’t the only dog in the world and the humans signed in and got a bag of goodies then we went to Urban Paws which was FULL of food and I had some then I had a drink and there were so many smells because of all the dogs inside and stop sniffing my butt Pomeranian so then I followed a trail but they wouldn’t let me into their doggie day care but we left and walked along some pretty dog scent covered roads to Trees but I couldn’t pee on the tree coz’ it wasn’t a real tree and the humans picked up these playing cards and a breakfast taco which they didn’t eat right away (weird) so I tried to get it out of the goodie bag but they weren’t very sporting about that then there were no squirrels so we went Club Dada where the humans picked up another playing card (weird) and then we went to Reno’s Chop House where they didn’t have any cards or chops and another dog tried to sniff my butt but I growled and then we went to The Bone where their weren’t any bones (weird) and the humans picked up another card (even weirder) and then we went to St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin where the GALT Executive Director wouldn’t sniff my butt then the humans put me back in the car and took a nap to recharge my battery for the next assignment.”