Chef Richard Chamberlain Plans to Pop Up a Restaurant Called Element in Addison

Okay folks, I have a serious question. This pop-up restaurant stuff is getting out of hand. What is the difference between catering a two-night event and a pop-up restaurant? I suppose I should ask Richard Chamberlain. He is “opening” Element, a “two-night only pop-up restaurant” to celebrate the opening of Addison’s Vitruvian Park. It’s an outdoor “restaurant” with a theme. (Catering job!) Here’s Chef Chamberlain:

“The theme of the restaurant is based around elements: water, earth, iron and fire. Live music, theatrical lighting, fine wines and four courses of delicious food prepared in an open kitchen will make for a once in a life time experience.”

Live music? Oh, no! That song! I am sure this will be a lovely celebration. The Elements menu is below along with all the details you need to know.



Sous Vide Sea Scallops with Butternut Squash-Sage Brown Butter and Texas Muscat Syrup

Joseph Carr Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast 2009


Mushroom Soufflé, Hydroponic Watercress Salad and Truffle Essence

Buena Vista Pinot Noir, Carneros 2007


Iron Seared Filet Mignon, Lobster and Crabmeat Dynamite, Yukon Potato Cake

Elements by Artesa Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa/Sonoma 2007


Flaming Plantains with Latte Da Dairy Goats Milk Caramel Sauce

SEATINGS:       One seating time each night, Friday, October 27 and Saturday October 28, 2011

7:30 p.m.      Seating is limited to 104 people per night


Reservations are required.  $89 per person

For reservations please call Chamberlain’s Steak & Chop House at 972-934. 2467.

PARKING:         Complimentary valet parking at Vitruvian Park

3850 Vitruvian Way
Addison, TX 75001-4017


During the stroll throughout the beautiful park, ticketed guests will sample Chef Chamberlain’s culinary offerings that are perfectly paired with fine wines.  For example:

         Artisan Cheese Fondue with local bakery breads complemented by Copperidge Merlot, California 2009

         Hummus, Herb Goats Cheese and crispy flat bread paired with a Helena Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2010

         Southwest Seafood Cocktail with Chipotle Cream accompanied by a Canyon Road Sauvignon Blanc, California 2010

         Roasted Pears, Smoked Bacon, Brie Cheese with Balsamic Syrup, Painters Bridge Chardonnay, California 2010

Artists include Addison resident and painter Karen Antos, ceramist Jo Clay, artist Gregg Frnka and others.  Entertainment will be provided by classical guitarist Eddie Healey, Tres Leches, a Latin instrumental Jazz group and the Dallas String Quartet.

WHEN:             October 27 and 28, 2011

7 p.m. – 11 p.m.

WHERE:           Vitruvian Park

3850 Vitruvian Way
Addison, TX 75001-4017

Parking:  Free parking and shuttle at Spring Valley and Marsh.

TICKETS:          To sample the food and wines:  Tickets are $35 in advance and $45 at the door

A portion of sales will benefit Addison’s George H.W. Bush Elementary.

Available at:

There is no charge to simply stroll, enjoy the music and the art.


  • Jim Davis

    Not sure why you sound so mean spirited. So what if it has been done before or if it is a “catering”. Who pissed in your Post Toasties this morning? Richard Chamberlain is a friend and I support his efforts to bring great food to the opening of a beautiful new park!

  • Jim, I am not being mean. I know Chamberlain and I think he is smart and has a sense of humor. I support his efforts or I wouldn’t have posted the press release at all. Merely trying to make a press release more interesting.

  • Richard Chamberlain

    Nancy, call me on my cell and I will fill you in on the details. [phone number deleted]. Maybe you could try to attend as well. I think it will be a great evening.

  • Tummyache

    @Jim – I love Richard too, and I’m certain that he’s doing this with the love and support of the city and neighbors.

    However I think it’s a valid question for Nancy to bring up given the sudden popularity of this “pop up” issue.

    Not everyone would be happy with this trend (hello Greenville Ave), and it raises the question about if they are “legal” or not (which I’m sure Richard’s is).

    As they say, a few bad apples can give everyone diahrrea, right?

  • Tummyache, thanks for your comment. I’ve gotten several calls from people saying I was being mean to Richard Chamberlain. I spoke with Chamberlain and explained my point. I never said it wouldn’t be a fabulous event, I’m just saying the definition of what a pop restaurant is isn’t clear anymore. It’s a trendy word that gets slapped on press releases. Actually, if they hadn’t used the term for this event, I would have sent the details of the event to our events editor. As it stands now, Chamberlain’s event got extra coverage. And yes, it is legit and Chamberlain told me all of the details and it is going to be a smashing, wonderful, and gorgeous event. But pop up restaurant? No, in my opinion.

  • Richard Chamberlain

    To follow up on the previous posting. Nancy and I spoke on the phone and she ask me to share some additional details of the 2 night restaurant Element so here you go. First of all the setting at the Addison’s new Vitruvian Park is stunning. Under a giant tree overlooking the river, the park, bridges, waterfalls, its really amazing. We have worked for months planning beautiful lighting, table settings, kitchen set up and many other details. Chef Lan and I are doing final testing on the menu items and our wine gurus Jeff Barker, Jim Truman and Jeff Bradley have paired some very nice wines to compliment. It would really be our pleasure to have you come and share this eveing with us. Reservations 972 934 2467.

  • Nina

    Sounds like a plain old catering job to me.

  • Kenny Mills

    Nina…it may be a “catering” but Richard and Jeff Barker are NEVER plain or old. They run great restaurants and do first class “caterings”

  • Beda

    I believe Nancy’s point was calling what appears to be a two-day catering job by some other name because you think it sounds sexier or maybe trendier. A catering job by any other name is still a catering job. In the same way it’s become fashionable to say you have a nanny, in order to impress, when in actuality until the title upgrade, she’s a baby sitter -that doesn’t sound as pretentious or “classy” as nanny, now, does it?
    To all of you who felt the need to go into attack mode to defend your friend Jim, you should chill. Nancy wasn’t questioning his integrity, but just his decision to jump on the band wagon a la calling his “rose” by another name — it’ s still a rose.

  • Beda

    Excuse me, “your friend Richard.”. I don’t know him from Jim.

  • Gizzard

    Nina and Beda nailed it.

  • Duece

    I have never seen a catering that you had to purchase your seats to attend. Most catertings are sponsored by a host and are paid for by a host and the catering company does not choose the food or wine. This is far from a catering…It is a Pop-Up restaurant. Some people just like to stir the pot. Really what difference does it make….it sounds like a great event.

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