Casey Thompson Calls it Quits at Brownstone in Fort Worth

Shocker! This just in from chef Casey Thompson.

“I will no longer be serving as the consulting chef of Brownstone restaurant. I have enjoyed my time creating the menus with the team at Brownstone and wish them much success. I will continue to focus on my other projects including opening my new restaurant in the Napa Valley area.”


  • Gasp. Shock.

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  • Bud Kennedy

    Oh. Was she still at Brownstone?

  • WTH

    Seriously…I’m so suprised…NOT! When are these “Celebrity Chefs” going to stop believing their own press and cook!

  • WTH

    The consumers should have as much loyality to these “chefs” as the “chefs” do to them!

  • towski

    Isn’t this where Tim inserts that viking helmet bikini picture? Tim? Tim?

  • Markus

    I may actually eat there now. Incredibly overrated food. I’m a fan of her looks, not her cooking.

  • abouttime

    Maybe now someone will teach them how to cook an egg!!! I think I know a 5-year old looking for work.

  • Kim in FW

    I’ve eaten there 3 times over the past 4 months and the food was always thoughtful, interesting and delicious. Makes me wonder what these other guys been eating.

  • 31858060

    Touch the pearls, wave at the little people…..

  • james

    I went there a few months ago while visiting a friend in Fort Worth. Brownstone furthered my belief about Fort Worth dining…that city cannot do upscale/fine dining (with the exception of Bistro Louise which is now closed). My meal was mediocre at best.

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  • Lakewoody

    Seems like Tre Wilcox is doing just fine at Marquee – –

  • Jean

    Brownstone wasn’t her restaurant. She was a marketing tool. I bet the food will rise once she has no say. Goodbye Casey. Sounds like you’ve found a place in Napa Valley and SAMs Club. You are on your way to mediocre

  • Jean

    Sorry forgot to say that Tray W food at Marquee us average at best. And expensive!

  • Amie

    Geeeez people. Just because she’s beautiful and can cook doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings. Casey has worked very hard to get where she is and I am proud of her. She’s taking advantage of an amazing opportunity-we would all do the same. Period. Sad to see her leave but she will do great things in Napa…of this I am certain. Good Luck Casey much love from the hillside 🙂

  • RL

    I was in Fort Worth last night and we dad dinner in the same neighborhood and my FW friends would not go to Brownstone as they thought it was overrated and expensive. They mentioned biscuits and gravy for dinner in FW just didn’t make sense. That said there was a good crowd as we walked by and they were happy that Casey had left or let go.