Bolsa Owners to Open Two New Concepts in Former Jack’s Backyard Space

Christopher Jeffers and Chris Zielke (Team Chris) have taken over the former space known at Jack’s Backyard on Fort Worth Avenue and plan to open two restaurant concepts. One will be a family-friendly; the other will be a bar. (And it won’t pop up.) “Don’t have any names,” Zielke said. No other details from this reporter. Hey, let’s have a naming contest!!! St. Christophers? Christophers Crossing? Come on…

UPPITY DATE: Tim Byres is also one of the partners. Readjust naming program.


  • Woot! So excited for you guys! 🙂

  • joeat

    Chris Cross Corner

  • me


  • Justin B.


  • tb

    I’m thinking “Jack’s Backyard” is a good name.

  • @joeat – funny!

  • I do have 1 request for either new space: can they get a toasted pimiento cheese sandwich on the menu??? I do miss that about Jack’s. 🙁

  • Chicken Fried Snake

    Restaurant- Back Sack
    Bar- Ass Crack

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  • Miguel

    This is kind of boring; I’m tired of this group, and the restaurants they own currently need A LOT of work in terms of service, cleanliness, etc. What happened to diversity?

  • DGirl

    DGirl Diner
    The Mullet:Business in the front. Party in the back.

  • me

    yo, DGirl … the Mullet = brilliant

  • Boobs

    Homo Cooking
    The Yard
    Green Acre
    Front Yard

  • sara

    Dos Chris bar and cafe.

  • sara

    Oops. Three Amigos Cantina

  • Mishi

    I second Dgirl …Mullet is awesooome!! LOLIf they arent 2 separate entities.

  • nubby nunu

    and…will this be a gay & lesbian friendly place? can the lesbians return?