Become an Expert: Sake Adviser Certificate Course Offered at Kazy’s in Dallas

You already know the difference between a coulis and a confit. And you can probably recite the best vintages of Bordeaux. If you are really, and I am mean really a true connoisseur, you know: “Pietro Ferrero combined roasted hazelnuts, almonds, sugar (or, failing that, molasses), cocoa powder, and vegetable fat. Driving down the quantity of cacao solids reduced the cost, so that the product could be sold for less than one-fourth the price of chocolate.”

But I bet you don’t know dookie about sake.

Well, friends here comes your chance to get a little buzz and impress your snooty foodie friends with a certificate that says you know sake. This news comes from our good friend at Tei-An, Yousuke Fukuda.


This Sake Adviser Course is an entry-level qualification in Sake offered by  SSI Certified Sake Instructors (Nihonshugaku-koshi) worldwide and certified by the SSI in Japan. It is aimed at people who are interested in Sake and want  to learn more about Sake. The Course gives a basic grounding in sake history, production, styles, regionality, understanding labels, serving, storing, and  sake culture. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a SSI Sake Adviser Certificate. Instructor : Toshio Ueno (Certified Sake Instructor)

Jump for the chance.


The accelerated  edition of the sake class will have  a challenging test at the end.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you review the class textbook at least 6

Hours prior to the event.

Sake Adviser  Certificate Course

October  24, 2011  (Monday)

9:00  AM – 4:00 PM



DALLAS, TX 75243



Yosuke  Fukuda




  • Kirk

    Ah, but do you know the year in which Signor Ferrero first hatched his plot for Nutella to take over the world?

  • Kirk, no I don’t. I’m not that smart. But what a glorious world it would be. One nation of Nutellas.Nutellaites? Nutellians?