An Open Letter to Chef DAT

Dear Chef DAT,

Who are you? I’ve been getting press releases from you for a long time but for the life of me I can’t remember meeting you. I do understand that you live underground and you cook a lot there as well, but do you ever actually come out during the day?

You talk funny. I mean, you write funny. You “sound” like you are totally hip and in with all of the IN people which explains a lot about our relationship. It’s so cool that you are throwing a birthday party for yourself on October 23! You must have lots of friends! Three LIVE bands, CAJUN food, and BYOB! Totally bitchin’. And Thursday, you only have 20 seats left for your super secret dinner in Deep Ellum. Have you done the math? Do you think you can get that many people under the ground in Deep Ellum? It must be so freakin’ dark, dude. Six courses for $66? That dinner is like so effin’ New Testament! And payable in “unmarked, untraceable cash only”? Brilliant.

Keep it up and maybe you’ll get your own restaurant one day. Oh, wait. My spirit is shaking. I’m getting an incoming subliminal message from, wait…oh…I can’t quite make out the voice, I can only hear pigs squealing. Oh, now  it’s clear. It’s  Steven Doyle LIVE from the State Fair. He says you have a “concept portfolio”  for a future restaurant called Twenty-Seven. Far out, it sounds so Satanic! Will you take American Express? Awesome. Keep us posted.

Good luck,

Nancy Nichols


  • Silent Majority

    Or, y’know, you could ask him instead of writing a snarky (read: lazy) post about him.

  • Bobby Ewing

    With apologies to @RuthBourdain for a moment I imagined a Twitter feed from @NancyDAT whereby a veteran local food journalist is mashed up with a hyper-buzzed local underground chef. Then again, maybe not.

  • Darren

    Thanks Uncle Nancy for the giggle!

  • Majority of people who receive his email

    I have to agree with Nancy. His writing style actually turns me off from attending his dinners. He needs to have someone else write his copy.

  • Jeannie

    More of these! I’ve been to one if his dinners. Kinda weird but fun. Lots of younger people. Nice guy.

  • datski

    @majority of people who receive his email – Majority of people who receive my emails come to the dinners and have a great time meeting other people! If you don’t like the way I write or talk then you’re probably boring and you should stay home and enjoy TV dinners. 🙂

  • Liquid Ninja

    He F’n rocks. Ahead of his time in Dallas. I’ll apologize for the uber conservatives in Dallas who have to have everything handed to them in black and white, new times roman font, water with lemon and a straw, missionary position, etc. etc. C’mon people. Rise up. Let loose. Have a drink. Drive on a 1/4 tank of gas. Carry cash. U might actually have a little fun.

  • datski

    to get on my horribly written email list go email us at [email protected] – thanks for the story Nancy (we met at Aurora and Spicer’s btw)

  • Awesome. Thanks for playing!

  • Sarah Eveans

    Love chef DAT! His dinners are a blast and his food is delicious. Love his emails too—clever and much more fun to read than a press release.

  • Still haven’t attended one of DAT’s dinners, but he is a good guy who loves food and is probably doing more to bring Hawaiian fish into Dallas than anyone we know.

    The one time he got seafood from TJ’s for a dinner he chose great product.

    And for those criticizing Nancy’s writing style on this post, it seems to me a brilliant way to get the word out about something buzzworthy without blindly endorsing it.

    And her “snarkiness” mimics the release itself.


  • Darren


  • NordCo

    People in Dallas get fussy about having to pay w/ cash because most of the $30k milli’s in Dallas don’t have $150 in cash to pay for these dinners. Big inconvenience.

  • DatRocks

    His dinners are amazing. And the man knows a cocktail! I feel lucky to be on that list.

  • DatRat

    Yo! Awesome DAT! Hawaiian fish dude is right on.


    Rock em till they drop! See ya Thurs bro. Riot!

  • St0ckTrader

    I met Chef DAT this summer during the Bastille on Bishop event. I have since been to many of his Underground dinners and I must say that they are “THE BOMB”!! This guy can cook!! It’s refreshing to find a chef that truly cares about where his ingredients come from and how he is going to prepare them. His menu’s are well thought out, the food is always great and the dinner crowd is a lot fun. I always look forward to his emails. They are a reflection of his personality! And I agree, if you don’t like his emails, you probably won’t like his dinners.

  • DAT is doing for food/dining in Dallas what so many others are trying to do with local music (not to mention he’s actually trying to incorporate *gasp* great local music). Grass-roots, community-building, no- pretention, butt-kicking, quality-first, good-times. Oh, and by the way, his food is amazing and he’s about the most genuinely nice guy you’re ever bound to meet. We’re lucky to have DAT in the Dallas food scene, and people that don’t get that are defining our local culture in a way I just don’t understand, nor want to.

  • SugarDATty

    DAT, I remember when you were talkin about doing underground dinners – thought you were crazy…now, most of my friends have been to them…You inspire me bro! Don’t let anyone steer you away from your dream…Go DAT Go!!!

  • PT

    Love me some Chef DAT! Off the wall and the man can cook.

  • erm, what? He has a restaurant concept?


    Don’t let this beetch dumb you down bro. Stay hard!

  • David’s not going to take Nancy’s letter as an insult. She know’s how to joke and he know’s how to take one.

    I’ve eaten with David. I’ve been drinking with David. David has cooked for 30 people in my home. I think of him as a friend.

    He has a full share of talent, but he is, as most delicacies are, an acquired taste.

  • sara

    Nancy you rock! I want meet you. You are too funny. Keep up the good work!

  • andres

    What’s Steven Doyle doing at the State Fair?

  • Chicken Fried Snake

    Chef DAT gives me gas

  • @Andres: I am either judging prized sows or hosting chefs demos in the Creative Arts building each day.

  • Chris

    Been to one of the dinners. Great food. Never would have tried it elsewhere. And DAT is personable and friendly. Not a rick with a P like so many other “iconic” Dallas chefs.

  • Glenn Campbell

    @DATSKI, the only way to get traction on this blog is to be associated with Tristan Simon or operate a food truck.

    Do one of those things and you will be treated more fairly.

  • Go Saints

    Who DAT?

  • Oh, ouch Glenn. If you made better fried chicken we’d write about you. Datski got the riff and played along.

    Chris: rick with a p==genius

    jonfromtjs–to the head of the class.

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  • it’s a slow news day isn’t it Nancy?… have any of you downloaded “POP UP DINNER BLOCKER” yet?
    Dat’s just trying to scrape by and share the fun hoping to make that “connection”. He really wants his own restaurant but…
    needs to know it’s not a hasty process.
    Go get some chef schoolin’DATSKI and apprentice a year or two under a “Master Chef” before you expect to get any respect
    or investors. But go Dat go.

  • Jeanie

    Beazlebub are you really from Artizone? I followed your link.

  • Jeanie… yes, I am a member/purveyor of the artizone online shopping community. Sorry the trail ran cold. Yours truly Rumpelstiltskin ooops, I mean…Beazlebulb ps: why does it matter?

  • Jeanie

    Well then you must be Tom Spicer. I only wondered why you bashed Nancy about writing this. Your name is linked to Artizone. I think there was a lot of love and respect for DAT even in Nancy’s post. I met DAT at Spicers and he seemed like an alright guy. A little wacky in a gentle harmless way.

  • Much love to David for all that he does, not only for Artizone, but for all the other people/businesses in town whom he credits and shows support to.

  • go on, do your thing DAT!

  • Nancy… did I bash you? I think Jeanie’s hearing dog whistles. The FM 1410 has, and continues to give DAT whatever he needs to succeed (including a line of credit which he pay’s interest with some mighty fine potables)
    There’s nothing but fun and luv for DAT here.

  • Stock Pot

    Is Spicer still in business? I thought they were turning that dump into a parking lot…..

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