Where to Get Your Pho Fix in Dallas

(photo by Kevin Marple, styling by Angela Yeung)

If you’ve traveled through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam then you are familiar with this popular dish. Although pho hasn’t quite made it to the mainstream breakfast menus in Dallas, it’s the common way to start your day in many countries. Recently Sarah Reiss ate pho for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and several bowls in between and files this story on pho.

Though pho (pronounced fuh) is far from new to North Texas, the recent surge of openings has reintroduced the signature soup of Vietnam to the mainstream. For newbies, let us explain the allure. It’s a savory broth (generally beef, chicken, or pork) seasoned with coriander, basil, star anise, and green onion; ladled over flat rice noodles and paper-thin tenderloin, brisket, chicken, or pork; and garnished with fresh bean sprouts, herbs, lime quarters, and varying quantities of hot chili paste. It might not sound much different than any other soup, but it tastes like magic.

Here is a a pho primer and a list of our favorite places. Tell us yours.


  • Rebross

    Hot Bowl at highway 360 and Trinity Boulevard in FW.

  • Steven F

    Pho Bang at Jupiter and Walnut in Garland (BYOB). Also love the Pho Ga (chicken) @ Green Papaya on Oak Lawn.

  • mike

    malai kitchen in west village!

  • Jennifer

    I agree with Mike. Malai Kitchen in West Village has the best Pho in Uptown! And now they have Chicken Pho, which is awesome!