Week Three: 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

I guess we should call this Weak Three. Anybody out there still checking out the deals during KRLD Restaurant Week?We’d love to hear from you. Take pictures of your servers and email them to me. They work hard for the money.


  • lauren

    We had dinner at The Place at Perry’s last night and the food was fabulous, well, mostly fabulous. My companion and I both started with salads, he had the arugula and fennel, while I had the wedge. Fresh and with the perfect amount of dressing, they were equally delicious. For our entrees, I chose the Mediterranean Trout (with fried capers, black olives, fennel and a lemon butter sauce on a bed of asparagus) and my friend chose the coffee-crusted filet with blueberry sauce. I was in love with the trout from the first bite, even though I *despise* fennel. It was perfectly seasoned with a light, golden crust and a sublime sauce. Unfortunately, for my friend, the blueberry sauce on his filet left him with a bad taste in his mouth, as it was all he *could* taste in his dish. I tried a bite and was pleasantly relieved that it wasn’t as blueberry as I thought (feared) it would be but for him it just didn’t work.

    Our waiter was polite and the service was prompt-ish. We had to ask for another glass of wine after our glasses sat empty for several minutes, even with our waiter having just been to our table. Another minor flaw in the service was that the waiter continuously served my male friend before me and as far as I know, the “Ladies First” philosophy of service still exists. 🙂

    The real “service standout” was the woman who is either the manager or perhaps hostess, I’m unsure of her role in the restaurant. She was pleasant, knowledgeable and offered brief but meaningful personal thoughts on the menu items.

    With a good overall experience, we will definitely keep The Place at Perry’s on our RW list and visit for non RW dining too.

  • Twinwillow

    St. Martins with a group during Restaurant week.
    Food was basically very good. But, it would have been much more enjoyable if the cooks had a lighter hand with the salt. Everything was very salty!
    Service was excellent. No complaints, there.