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Tanqueray Brand Ambassador Visits Dallas, Makes Poolside Cocktails


Winchester honors an attendee's request for a martini.

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Tanqueray Gin’s global brand ambassador Angus Winchester came to town Tuesday night and set up shop at the Joule Hotel’s rooftop pool. Along with the Joule bar staff, he doled out gin cocktails including the simple gin and tonic, the refreshing Southside (gin, lemon, sugar, mint and soda) and the classic Negroni – gin, sweet vermouth and Campari.

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Winchester’s visit was in support of Tanqueray’s “Tonight we Tanqueray” campaign, which positions the London Dry gin as the drink to set the tone for an evening and to start the night out right.

Negroni and a Perfect 10 (Tanqueray Ten, shaken with a lemon peel).

“That first drink is the most exciting because it’s what starts your night,” said Winchester. “Something else can be your last drink, but we’d like to make Tanqueray Gin your first.”

Winchester claims he got his job because he's tall and thin like a bottle. of Tanqueray Ten

After his stint behind the bar, the affable Winchester made a toast and made the rounds, mingling with the mostly industry guests, including barkeeps from The Cedars Social, Whiskey Cake and the soon-to-open Private Social.

Naturally, there was much talk about beginning your night with Tanqueray, which eventually led to talk about having Negronis in the shower. I’m on board. Campari can’t stain your clothes in the shower.