Somebody Chime In With Gin…or Vodka…or Rum Recipes

This just in from a very creative disher. Talk about throwing down the gauntlet:

I liked your post about Labor Day-themed cocktails yesterday and was wondering if anyone had ideas. I have come up with some names, but feel at a loss when it comes to actually concocting an interesting drink. Anyone want to come up with a drink to match the following names?

First-Monday Muddle

Grover Cleavland’s Compromise

The Pullman Strike

The Haymarket Affair

End of Summer Swizzler

Samuel Gompers Dream

Wobblies’ Wobbler

Yellow-Dog Contract

The New Deal

White Shoe Sayonara

Jimmy Hoffa Locator

C’mon people. It’s the Friday before a long weekend. Let’s procrastinate by designing some drinks in the comments section! I will personally concoct the best of the best and detail the expereince in words (and pictures if possible) on Tuesday.


  • Grover Cleveland’s Compromise

    Came up with this when I was out of Gin…

    3 oz Vodka (Tito’s works nicely)
    .5 oz Dry Vermouth (Noilly Prat)
    .5 oz Green Chartreuse
    small stem of rosemary for garnish

    In a mixing glass over large ice cubes add all liquid and stir until cold. Strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass.
    Smack Rosemary firmly in the palm of your hand a couple of times and rub on the outside of the glass below the rim.