Sneak Peek: Nick Badovinus’ New Off-Site Kitchen in Dallas

Roasted meats are the heart of the menu and that includes Spam, smoked jalapeno sausage, hot links, black pepper kielbasa, and chicken.

I was tooling down Irving Blvd. yesterday after a run to the camera store and I spotted a couple of cars and a motorcycle in front of the soon-to-open Off-Site Kitchen. I opened the door to find owner/chef Nick Badovinus and chef Dan Riley trying out a few items for the menu. Besides getting a free cheeseburger (look out for this one, Dallas. It’s a bobbydazzler and it is only $3.50), I got a brief tour of the space which they hope to get open by the end of the month. The food, inspired by “what line cooks eat,” is basically simple sandwiches and breakfast burritos made from quality roasted meats. “Low and slow” in Badovinus-speak. “It’s light industrial food,” he said. “It’s the kind of food you want to eat before you go solder something.”

The tiny restaurant at the corner of Wycliff and Irving Blvd. will basically do breakfast and lunch, but they will be open until 6:30PM and offer take out, including meats by the pound. “All of our meats except rib-eye will be around $3 a pound,” Badovinus said. I also tried a sliced peppered kielbasa sandwich topped with a sliced lettuce salad tossed in a Carolina pulled pork vinaigrette. (Sorry, I finished it before I remembered to photograph it.) Off-Site Kitchen will be a sandwich-lovers dream. They make it easy to grab and go or stay and eat on the covered patio.

Jump for photos.

The counter, menu, grill, and rotisserie.

This burger will rock your world. It's only $3.50.

Nick putting the finishing touches on the menu board.

There will be a few seats indoors and picnic tables outside.


  • Tsuki

    This looks very cool!

  • Gastrognome

    Wow, I wish I could tool around with you sometime. That hamburger looks AWE.SOME. Just looking at those pictures makes me want to get out my soldering iron. That black pepper kielbasa looks delish. Did you sample any kielbasa?

  • I tool alone. Yes, I ate a whole hamburger and a half of a kielbasa. Last night I soldered my lips shut so I wouldn’t eat the other half.

  • Marcus

    I saw Nancy go in there yesterday. So I made the block parked across the street and saw Dan pushing Nancy out the door. As soon as he got her out, Nick sticks his head out the door and yells something that involves the f**** word.

    Saw Nick rush back inside and text Bill Addison something about the incident.

    Very weird.

    Burger looks good though.

  • Marcus, you super sleuth. I am going to fired now that the truth is out. However, check out Badovinus’ eye. I got him pretty good with my new camera lens!

  • Juan Ruiz

    What the fuck does Nick Badovinus know about soldering?

  • Juan, Nick is a carpenter as well as a chef. He solders things.

  • Van

    Reefer not Refer.

  • Gastrognome

    Refer refers to refrigerator. It’s not a medical marijuana joint. Though, what a concept. A hamburger and joint joint.

  • Is that a giant Spam on the spit?!

  • Van

    No big deal, but don’t correct me when I’m right. I just thought Nick might want to get the correct spelling on his menu board.

    Definition of REEFER
    1: refrigerator
    2: a refrigerator car, truck, trailer, or ship

  • yeah…um

    having a carne adovada breakfast burrito on the menu makes my heart go a flutter.

  • Twinwillow

    Good bye Twisted Root and hello, Off-Site Kitchen.

  • Juan Ruiz

    Go easy on the kid, Van. He’s from a rough and tumble blue collar background, a carpenter and solderer, a real man of the people, straight out of a Bruce Springsteen song. It’s not his fault if he didn’t have the educational opportunities that the average D reader has had. We should encourage him, since the deck is so stacked against him.

  • God, I got so excited about this place. Then I realized Nick was making food for solderers, not soldiers. Total bummer.

  • We are so excited for this to open!!!

  • Melonie Sherman

    Juan is jealous. Nick is out of a Springsteen song. He works his ass off. Name another chef with four restaurants who is hammering nails and installing light fixtures. Rathbun? Piles? Tesar? Go Nick we can’t wait.

  • Juan Ruiz

    Damn right I’m jealous, Melonie. It’s not every day that you see a regular guy claw his way up from the gutter without the benefit of a good education, family wealth, or big name connections. This guy’s a CARPENTER, for Christ’s sake. To see a lowly tradesman make good and to get the attention of D, that’s the American dream. That’s enough to warm anyone’s heart.

    But what I really love is that he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. It would be easy enough for him to yield to the temptation of tailoring his concept to wealthy white office workers downtown, bankers, lawyers, high-toned media types, and such. But he didn’t. He’s all about feeding the proletariat. Welders, solderers, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, all will find this place right up their alley. What a guy!

  • Tahini

    @Juan Ruiz – LOL

  • primi_timpano

    Any chance for andouille and boudin sausage?

  • We at Dallas Auction Gallery (your across the street neighbors on Monitor Street) are so excited to try this! You should get their blogger Caroline ( to review you guys!

  • B

    Juan Jesus was a carpenter and last time I looked Nick wasn’t walking on water but that dude can cook his ass off. So bring on the Broham Fleetwood my brother…

  • Melonie Sherman

    Juan. I drove by there tonight. Drive by there and tell me this place is geared to upscale Dallas. It is in a shady part of town and the prices are cheap. Go see it then repeat your pompous rant. I bet Kent Rathbun hasn’t been in that part of town in his life go Nick!

  • 31858060

    Food Within Reach.

  • J-Rome

    That burger looks like a Double-Double….

  • Juan Ruiz

    How do you know the prices are cheap, Melonie? Prices haven’t been announced yet (except for the burger). Break some news and tell us how much us ditchdiggers can expect to pay for that spicy tuna salad from the “refer.” And you might want to warn Anthony Bombaci that that’s a shady part of town, since he’s doing bourgeois blowout menus 400 feet away from Off-Site Kitchen, just on the other side of The Verandah Club & Spa. Either way, I’m sure you’re right. I bet there won’t be a starched collar in sight at Nick’s joint. Just reg’lar workin’ boys in overalls and steel-toed boots.

  • Sammy

    @Melonie – “Shady part of town”?


  • Juan- I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or serious… and Melonie, do you know Kent or just keep throwing his name into your mix? Why would you possibly think that the chefs you mentioned wouldn’t be doing these things in their own restaurants? Chefs care about making money, and usually the best way to make it is to save it and that means lots of DIY projects.

    Kent Rathbun wouldn’t go down to the Design District? Really?

    Way to go Nick! We are all so happy for you… I’ll be sure to send all my design district buddies your way. Until this earlier this year I’ve worked down there for a long time and I know they’ll all been dying for more lunch places ova there!!!

  • Twinwillow

    Enough bickering, already! Just be careful not to get in between me and that cheeseburger.

  • GoParishPanthers2015

    This is right down the street from my family business and I have been ready for them to open since the day it was announced. Looks great. As far as this being shady part of town this area is no worse off than any other and that is me speaking from being part of a business on Irving Blvd for 45 years.

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