Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Mico Rodriguez is Planning to Take Burger Girl Space

Several eagle-eyed Dishers and Pegasus News have reported Mico sightings at the space formerly known as Burger Girl. I spoke with Mico Rodriguez and he detailed his vision for a small restaurant. However, nothing has been finalized and nothing is official. I know several of you saw a Mico 12 sign go up, but it is my understanding it has been taken down. Mico is eager to get going but loose ends need tightening. Stand by.


  • PF

    The sign was up at 6:15 PM today (9/22), trucks were at the open back door.

  • A sign for Mico 12?

  • Jason

    I talked to Mico this week. He was putting alot of sweat equity into this supposed project. Perhaps its just a volunteer project at this point…? I doubt it.

  • Twinwillow

    Please don’t tell me he’s planning to open yet, another Mexican taco joint.

  • Jim

    Nice to add this and Fernando’s to Knox area…some times Chuy’s just doesn’t do it for me. No OTB for me either.

  • primi timpano

    Is Mico still bankable?

  • Dreamer

    Is it named “Mico 12” because it’s his twelth attempt to oepn a restaurant?????

  • Mico is perhaps one of the most creative restauranteurs in the city…may he be blessed, and crazy successful in his new restaurant ventures…Mico we love you!