Oak Cliff’s Oddfellows Changes Its Menu Yet Again

Oddfellows’ duck hash

I’ve followed the popular Bishop Arts restaurant since its birth. Great coffee and pancakes. But the omelettes? Meh, not so much. They were more like frittatas and always had those dry, crispy edges that I detest in egg dishes. “Plus, they take the kitchen way too long to make,” confided a server. So, begone, dry lackluster omelettes, and hello, scrambles and duck hash. Scrambled egg dishes include salmon with goat cheese, truffled egg with mozzarella and asparagus, and — my favorite — eggs scrambled with roasted pork shoulder, hatch chiles, mozzarella, and tortilla strips served with a side of salsa verde. Another new addition: duck hash with two over easy eggs, ranchero sauce, and hollandaise. The only bummer? You can’t get those wonderful fried green tomatoes for breakfast anymore. Sigh.


  • wes

    The omelette I had there, which as you said was really a frittata, was one of the worst breakfasts I’ve ever had. It came out crispy and gray in color. Just gross. Haven’t been back since, but I plan on giving them another shot. The Beignets were great.

  • DFWFoodie

    Bummer! I actually liked my omelette/frittata that I got the last time I was there! Probably because it had goat cheese in it, and anything with goat cheese makes me happy.

  • Salmon with goat cheese? Yes, please! Must make a trip out there for that one.

  • Salmon P Chase

    I hope they put as much effort into evolving the service as they do the food. Friendly, but slooooooooow, even when it is not busy.

  • Tahini

    +1 on being suuuuuuuper sloowwwww. Took an hour and a half to get scrambled eggs and a salad.

  • Rob

    Had breakfast there on Sunday morning – great food but took 45 mins to get an order of pancakes and a bacon cheddar scrambler – hopefully they can work on getting a bigger kitchen and more help in it

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  • Bex

    No more fried green tomatoes?? Noooooooo!

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