New Downtown Cocktail Bar: Michael Martensen and Eddie “Lucky” Campbell Apply for Liquor Permit

So the permit sign in the window at 1404 Main Street reads “The Garden Bar,” but that’s not the real name. However, the address is the site of the soon-to-open bar manned by mixologists Michael Martensen and Eddie “Lucky” Campbell. The dynamic duo have held the space vacated by Dr. Bell’s BBQ for some time, but it looks like things inside are ramping up. These guys know how to keep a secret. None of my snitches are snitching. However, I thought I heard somebody “say” the name of the joint will contain the name of a brown liquor. Oh, let’s name it. Free round of cocktails to the person who makes the best guess!


  • erin

    Im going to go with Southern Comfort

  • sh

    rye bar

  • whiskey-a-go-go

  • Ali

    Risky Whiskey

  • Rebross

    Bourbon Street

  • GreenTexan

    Lucky Mart

  • td

    makers… & some other words, possibly before and/or after.

  • Andrew Chalk


  • allison

    Not Southern Comfort. That’s on Ross.

  • Melonie Sherman

    Whiskey & Rye
    Sour Mash
    Mint Julep

  • Michael Martensen

    This great. Love hearing all these names! Keep them coming.

  • Highballs
    Dirty Mother
    Side Car on Main
    Blotto’s Bar
    Brown Liquor
    The Yak
    Manhattan on Main

    When I drink brown liquor I go crazy quicker than a red fox on the run.

  • The Fernet Refuge

  • High and Rye

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  • On, rethink the urge to use a pun.

  • TK

    Whiskey Lounge

  • Bobby Ewing

    Mustache Mash
    The Malt Shop
    George Dickel’s Trickles
    The Maker’s Mart
    Lucky Fizz

  • Tom Cruise

    Better not be Cocktails & Dreams . . . that one is mine!!!

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