Movember Cometh, People. Let’s Do This.

photos borrowed from scoochmaroo/
photos borrowed from scoochmaroo at

Last year, we watched the seemingly unflappable Ryan transform from cherubic imp to Keith Stone over the course of one wacky Movember challenge. This year (I hope) will be no exception. But should we fall down on the job—or should you not have the genetic material necessary to grow your own—there is an alternative: DIY moustache cookie pops. A clever contributor at who calls herself scoochmaroo posted this handy step-by-step on their site, and I have to say, I’m sold.

I call for a challenge! Create, send us pics, and may the best ‘stache with the best backstory win!


  • Amy S

    Movember is to raise awareness of men’s health, and September is Prostate Cancer awareness month, so here goes…..

    A simple blood test can save your life. If you are a man over 45 (or 40 with a family history), you should ask your doctor to run a PSA test on your blood.

    Prostate cancer is not an “old man’s” disease, 15% of cases are in men under the age of 60.

    Caught early, prostate cancer is highly curable, with many methods of treatment to choose from.