Monica Greene’s New Restaurant, Tajin, is Under Construction

Veteran Dallas restaurateur Monica Greene’s new Mexico City-style full-service restaurant, Tajin, is under construction at the ILUME building on Cedar Springs. “The name represents beginnings to me,” Greene said. “I was born on a street named Tajin and it was there I would sit in the kitchen with the family cooks and learn how to cook.”

The space is designed around personalized service. “Google Tajin and the Olmec people can see the inspiration for some of the design elements,” Greene said. “El Tajin are ruins near Veracruz and the people had huge round faces and almost an African look.” The menu? “Mexican, Mexican, Mexican,” Greene said. “This is not Ciudad, this is  going to be traditional Mexican stuff that nobody in Dallas is doing. The menu will feature liver, rabbits, and grasshoppers.” Greene will be in the kitchen but she is also interviewing chefs to work with her.

Take a look at the two logos above. Monica is also trying to decide which logo to use. Which do you like?

The 80-seat restaurant is scheduled to open in January, 2012.


  • bluebird

    will this restaurant take the same environmentally unfriendly approach as her enchilada place, with disposable plates forks etc?

  • Darren

    I vote for the first logo. Much easier to read.

  • Twinwillow

    No. 1

  • Katie M.

    I like the second logo better. I just can’t see myself ordering grasshoppers. But looking forward to your comments about them, Nancy!

  • Dr. Freud

    First logo one, for sure. The second is almost unreadable at first glance.

  • Grasshoppers are delicious. So are beetles. crunchy and earthy. They are difficult to resource in the US. Look for grasshoppers [insert obvious verb here] on menus soon.

  • Semi-Loyal SideDish-er

    I’ve always enjoyed the delicious dishes that Miss Greene whips up, and I’ve followed her to all of her locations: Aca y Alla, Ciudad, Pegaso, BEE, and am looking forward to this new “beginning.”

  • BorntoRhone

    The first logo for sure. The second one gives me a headache. I am in this neighborhood all the time and can’t wait for Tajin to open.

  • joeat

    Definitely the first one.

  • First one.

  • dk

    Another vote for Logo No. 1

  • Sampson

    No. 1 for sure…rainbow logo in that neighborhood is a must.

  • logan

    I love the colorful logo.

  • In case any of your readers are wondering… this restaurant name is pronounced Ta-heen. Always something fresh and exciting from Monica!

  • Nancy

    As a vegan, I’m saddened that Monica isn’t using her talent to bring delicious, cruelty-free dishes to Dallas. And I thought Monica was now vegan, too…guess not.

  • Mark

    Put Tracey and Me down for the opening!