Jerrier Pimps Out His Pizza Van

In case you didn’t know, every Tuesday, Il Cane Rosso (the mobile arm of Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum) brings its mobile oven to Veritas and tosses its signature Neapolitan pies on the fly. Word on the street, however, is that the Il Cane Rosso rig will not be at Veritas tonight because Jerrier’s getting his van all “pimped out” (his words not ours), and it won’t be ready until tomorrow. Curious? Stop by Times Ten Cellars in Lakewood tomorrow to check it out.


  • Slow news day!! We are just getting the van wrapped so it doesn’t look like the Ice Truck Killer’s vehicle of choice when the oven is not attached…

  • Marcus

    Rapping van? RUN GMC?

  • Misty

    Nice Dexter reference, Chef!

  • I wanted it to look like the van on the A-Team…but was overruled. I pity the fool that doesn’t come to check it out on Wednesday…grrrr!!

  • Luis

    Who else is really tired of super boring/pointless jay jerrier news