• Robie

    Please come to Plano, please come to Plano, please come to Plano………..

  • Bob

    Have you noticed that each new INO opening produces less excitement than the last.

    I can’t wait until the whole INO phenomenon goes the way of Krispy Kreme–you remember the hysteria when they came to town? Now you can buy them in lots of places, and who really cares?

    Deep Thought: Why are we always chasing the next Big Thing, rather than savoring the best of what we already have?


  • JS

    When is the Las Colinas In-N-Out going to be open? From the outside, it looks like it is completely done.

    As for the excitement diminishing, it undoubtedly does with each opening — for many people, there are now closer locations to them, etc. But try going to one at lunch — they are a heckuva lot more crowded than your typical FF place.

  • Robie

    In-N-Out will not be a passing fad like Bob suggested. I spent the first 24 years of my life in SoCal and can attest to the consistent traffic at the various In-N-Out locations I’ve visited. I have never been to In-N-Out when the table were less than ¾ filled and 5 or six cars were in the drive-thru. In-N-Out has been around since the 40’s. A passing fad? Hardly.

    Now that In-N-Out is in our fast food market I can savor “the best of what we already have”.

  • Jon Battle

    The “Coming Soon” sign is up for INO at the Tollway and Arapaho (the old CompUSA site). can’t wait, it’s on my way home.

  • Knowitall

    Crispy creme was one dimensional. Doughnuts. Who eats doughnuts with regularity? Saturday morning? Special occasion? Late to the office? That’s it. INO serves a quality product at an honest price. It is far superior to other chains at this price point. Theyare not a fad and will continue to do well in the DFW market. There is hype associated but at the end of the day they would have never have invested so heavily unless the projections for demand and return were there. I applaud them and appreciate another solid fast food option.

  • Twinwillow

    I agree with “Robie”. Yes, the inevitable initial hysteria may die down but, they will all flourish.
    I think in time, even “Bob” will also have to agree.

  • Jon Battle

    @knowitall – couldn’t have said it better. INO is a well oiled shows in their product and service.

  • zwoof

    Good old Bob! I guess he hasn’t been to the Arlington location since it opened? They have cops there directing traffic! hehehe