Garden Cafe Loses City Council Vote. No More BYOB!

Steven “Don’t Call Me Dallas Dude Anymore” Doyle is “reporting” that the City Council turned down Garden Cafe’s owner Dale Wootton’s bid to get approval to allow diners to BYOB. And that includes charity events.

I just spoke with Dallas City Coucilwoman Angela Hunt. “At the end of the day, I talked with Dale and his son Mark and the community representatives and I moved to deny the removal of the dry overlay,” Hunt said. “Dale asked to pass the planned development district that would have given him more parking spaces for his tenants and I said sure. I had him go out and work it out with the neighborhood folks and everyone came back in and sang Kumbaya.”

Hunt says she eats breakfast at the Garden Cafe all of the time and this was a tough decision for her. “It wasn’t matter of trusting him [Dale], it came down to a matter the short term and long term matters,” Hunt said. “Now it’s three little shops in a neighborhood. It makes sense that it would be dry in a neighborhood like that. The neighbors closest to the project voted against removing the dry overlay. Once you remove it, you can’t replace it and we’ve seen the problems that can happen on Lower Greenville.”

Someone’s crying Lord, kum bay ya.