• Jeffrey Weiss

    The jaw-droppignest line on that page: “Promote with shot girls!”

  • LJT

    I got a can of that in a gift basket. It’s been sitting in my pantry for months just waiting for the kind of lousy day where shooting RediWhip directly into my mouth just won’t cut it. I’ll let you know if it does the trick.

  • Mandy


    I know from experience. And from a close relationship I developed first with a bathroom rug (45 minutes) and then a toilet (45 seconds).

  • sounds interesting, i like though.

  • Madison

    When I tried this my lips started to burn, and though I could taste the alchol, it just wasn’t as delicous as whip-cream.

  • Melonie Sherman

    Gross and crass marketing shot girls! I thought this was 2011.

  • B

    I’m sure I’ll get some hate for this, but the alcoholic whipped cream is actually pretty fun. I’ve taken it to a number of parties and it’s always been a hit. Yes, it’s pretty strong and can burn a little, but it’s a good time. Particularly on shots or even coffee.

  • gm

    Huge in vegas this summer. Saw lots of peeps picking it up all hours of the day.

  • that does look foul. I’ve seen these for a few years now and never had the heart to try them!