Eat This Now: The School Daze from Good 2 Go Taco in Dallas

Nothing says “thank goodness those little brats are back in school again” like a taco.  And where else on earth are you going to find a meatloaf taco besides Good 2 Go.  The “School Daze” taco may be a an homage to the thousands of school lunches across the country serving up a questionably eatable mystery meat loaf with instant mashed potatoes flakes, but luckily the love poured into this brilliant creation is unmistakable and the flavors are more than splendid enough to cast away any scarring memories of school cafeteria food from your younger years.  And this meatloaf can be enjoyed without having to endure the company of “Stinky Joey” making musical farting noises with his armpits or “Billy Braces” picking broccoli out of his head gear for 15 minutes ( I do, however, miss the chocolate milk).

It is no secret that with Good 2 Go, owners Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’ Hare have created a true Dallas dining destination.  Over time things have changed: a new larger location, more employees, even national recognition from the goons at Food Network.  But one thing remains the same, the food is a steady stream of excitement, craftsmanship, and flavor.  Truly, G2G is a place every Dallasite should be proud of.

The number of exceptional tacos is by no means small, but recently, I was able to add another to my OMG list.  The School Daze takes a delicately moist meatloaf and glazes it with Sriracha hot chili sauce.  The gorgeous meatloaf (which is not an oxymoron after all) rests on a bed of smashed red potatoes, topped with a sprinkle of blended cheeses, and nestled inside a soft flour tortilla.  Really, a stroke of genius inside a tortilla.  There is no doubt, that if schools actually started serving the School Daze at lunch, the drop-out rate in this city would shrink down to nothing.  

Keep your face glued to their Facebook page for their specials, as the endless taco magic never seems to run thin at Good 2 Go.   Eat one while your kids are suffering through school, it tastes even sweeter than usual.


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  • Twinwillow

    Have the lamb tacos when they have it. It’s crazy good!

  • Lisa

    Sounds Great I have a Jalapeno Meatloaf Taco I have had on my new menu developed months ago. It also comes with mashed potatoes, I will save the topping for my customers as a surprise. Just making note in case someone comes along and says I copied this great taco filling lol!

  • Mary

    Good to go Tacos is the best bang for your buck in Dallas. I had the Paris “breakfast” taco Saturday.

  • JC40

    I tried this “meatloaf taco” and it was flat out terrible. The meatloaf part was not good. Any cafeteria in town has better. But the taco is just meatloaf and mashed potatoes in a tortilla. Mashed potatoes in a tortilla really don’t work. Unfortunately, another failed experiment.