Chef Nick Stellino Charms Dallas Foodies at Abacus

Chef Nick Stellino (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

Contributor Brooklynne Peters attended chef Nick Stellino’s cooking class at Abacus yesterday and files this report:

According to chef Nick Stellino, star of Nick Stellino Cooking with Friends, Cucina Amore I, II and III, Nick Stellino’s Family Kitchen I, II, III, IV and V, and the PBS specials Nick Stellino’s Dinner Party, Nick Stellino: Food, Love & Family, and Nick Stellino Cooking With Friends, the art of cooking is likened to knowing “what it’s like to stop the hands of time the moment your lips touch hers.” Catch phrases like this, in addition to his cooking, are what captivated Stellino’s Dallas audience Saturday morning at the cooking class he hosted at Abacus.

Stellino, a native Sicilian, led the class through some of his signature recipes, including garlic and oil pasta and clams with sausage and tomatoes. When Stellino wasn’t impressing the crowd with his dishes, he was entertaining them with anecdotes, jokes, and his theories about food.

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Tuna tartare with grilled toast (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

“Notice the way I add the salt,” Stellino said at one point during the presentation, dramatically holding a pinch of salt high above the pot before sprinkling it in. “It means nothing, but it looks good on national television.”

Arugula, romaine, and radicchio salad with glazed pine nuts, prosciutto chips, and gorgonzola (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

The ardent group of Dallasites who signed up for the class to learn more about cooking pasta got the unexpected benefit of entertainment on the side.

“I think the people did not expect to have the personal interaction,” said Stellino. “I like to create relationships. It was very easy for me to walk around the tables and [make them] feel as if they’d just come to my house for dinner.”

Pasta Aglio Olio e Peperoncino (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

It goes without saying that Stellino is a master of his craft. His spaghetti was light and flavorful, and he made use of all of the bells & whistles in Abacus instructional space, but Stellino divulged that his mother, who works with a dull knife and old pots and pans, still “kicks his ass.”

Clams with sausage & tomatoes (photo by Brooklynne Peters)

Catch Stellino’s upcoming project on PBS next year, a one-man cooking show that takes him back to his roots. He plans to show the evolution of several dishes, talking to farmers and artisans along the way.

Cookies and berries for dessert (photo by Brooklynne Peters)


  • C

    Great summery. I heard from another person there that it was a great way to spend the day. Love the pictures thank you!

  • Mike Farrar

    Nick, you an amazing chef, a true master of your craft, and very entertaining..not to mention, an impeccable dresser. Keep up the great work, we love what you do!

  • Jon Battle

    Brooklynne – nice photography. Any special techniques? Did you use flash? Did you do any post- processing? thanks.