BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn Takes a Break From Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Oh, no. I hate it when this happens. The best food blog in Dallas just announced a break in the action. Daniel Vaughn, the leader of Full Custom BBQ is taking some time off to perhaps pen a book.  It’s called “Carrots Have Soul.” Not really. I remember meeting Daniel when he first got the blog up and running and have enjoyed watching him grow into a well-respected statewide authority on ‘cue. Daniel will still post on his blog from time to time and hopefully still review new spots for D Magazine. Until then, let’s all wish him well.


  • Man, I feel his pain! This hobby blogging can get a bit much. I took some time from my blog off this summer, but still backlogged a ton of potential new stories. It’s an addiction, to be sure. At least Daniel will be working on a book!
    I jotted some thoughts on my breakdown here:

  • I needed another good book in the library.

    Congratulations to Daniel and Amen to TheBrad. Many, many story ideas, too little time.

  • queuno

    This is another way of saying “my cardiologist made me stop”.