Ate it for $8: Thai Tanee Café in Dallas

Kristy Alpert sends this report.

Overview: From the outside this place looks a bit sketchy. The billiards place next door was already blasting music at 11am (who are these people playing pool in the middle of the day?) and people were sitting on the curbs of the nearby pawn shops. However,  the interior of Thai Tanee is styled like an Asian Pottery Barn with sheer drapes, warm colors, and fresh flowers at each table. Most patrons order take out, but this place is a great spot to chill out while eating some amazine Thai food. Music warning: they play a lot of Yanni.

Menu: Thai Tanee pretty much has what you’d expect in terms of appetizers and starters, with Thai dumplings ($4.95), chicken satay ($5.95), and my favorite Toms (Tom Yum and Tom Kha; $3.95 small, $7.95 large). Their entrees range from the classic Pad Thai ($8.50) and Kua Kai ($8.50) to five different varieties of curry ($8.50) including a pineapple curry. Their chef’s specialties of note include volcano shrimp ($13.95) and a red snapper in 3-flavoured sauce ($13.95/market price).

Jump. ขอบคุณคุณ!!

Pad Kee Mow at Thai Tanee in Dallas.

What we ate: I’m a sucker for Pad Kee Mow. If I could only eat one thing the rest of my life; it’d be Pad Kee Mow, specifically Asian Mint’s version. (Unfortunately their lunch version is 95 cents over my budget.) But Thai Tanee did a great job with this dish ($7.75 with soup and a fried spring roll). Although the chicken tasted like shrimp, the noodles were the perfect size (big flat noodles, but not awkwardly so) and the flavor was spot on. My friend went with the Pad Thai lunch special ($7.75), based on a recommendation printed on the menu in the description that simply says, “So good.” It was, in fact, so good. If I’m honest, I totally out-ordered her with the Pad Kee Mow, but their version of Pad Thai with chicken was exactly what we expected with a sweet, mild flavor, lots of bean sprouts and not-too-sticky rice noodles.

Pad Thai with chicken at Thai Tanee Cafe in Dallas.

Extras: If I hadn’t torn through my meal, I would have loved to try some of their desserts. Green tea ice cream, sweet rice with mango (seasonal) and, the item I’ve been craving lately, fried ice cream. Anyone been here and know if their desserts are worth saving room?

5635 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX 75240


  • gunnertec

    I can tell you from having been to some backwaters in Thailand that the sticky rice and mango is pretty damn authentic and good.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Been going there for occasional lunch for years — it reliably very good.

  • Mikec

    This is our local go to place for thai food in north dallas. Sometimes eat in but often order to go while on the way home (they always get the order right). Curry chicken and pad thai are our regular picks. Good service and fair prices. Area looks sketchy but we’ve never been hassled and aren’t afraid to park there.